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Its bad for so many reasons but i simply can’t get past why he would pick an image of Shearer in a suit and tie.


Lol, this is gonna blow up. I don’t think they realize that Twitter will find who they may have been talking about in just minutes.

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Doubt it. No one actually gives a shit about doping in football unless it was to be fully exposed with conclusive proof. That fancy bears stuff went almost completely ignored.

Fancy bears?

Which Italian teams did Man United play?

Fiorentina and Juventus spring to mind

Hacking leak from a few years back on doping.

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That should blow up.

I just don’t believe there isn’t a lot of doping (or at least there wasn’t) going on in football… When you look at how much testing is being done it’s just laughable.

It’s definitely Milan.
They knocked United out in 2004/05 and 2006/07.
They definitely didn’t play Fiorentina in mid 00s, they did play Juve only in 2002/03 as far as I know.

Also, for a moment I feared he might be talking about us :rofl: Was actually relieved when he said “italian teams” lol.
We were quite an athletic team in that first Wenger era, while he was known for reviving the careers of those oldheads with his diet regime and vitamins… :eyes: :wright: :sol:

They’re just bitter because of the all Italian final at Old Trafford in 03

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I thought Carragher was just at it for clicks but a full 5 days on he is still going? Definitely rattled :joy::joy:






Here’s a debate for you? Which generation of players was better? 1975-1979 or 1985-1989?

Here are some players for reference:

1975-1979: Henry, Ronaldo, Drogba, Totti, Vieira, Seedorf, Gallas, Buffon

1985-1989: Ronaldo, Messi, Modric, Busquets, Marcelo, Ramos, Neuer

  • 1975-1979
  • 1985-1989

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only 2 attackers in second list and it still outscores the first batch, which has 4.

Is there no defender better than Gallas in 75-79?

Also very Apples to oranges with 7 in one list and 8 in other. I still prefer the second list with 7 players.

That was me being cheeky but if you really look into it, the latter one had defenders with higher peaks. Some of the names that I thought would be in that first generation are actually not.
Puyol and Carvalho might be the best ones from that first generation.

Nesta played table tennis?

Ferdinand, Lucio, Samuel…

Also for attackers, Shevchenko, Van Nistelrooy…

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Lol, I thought Nesta was 1970-1975. :joy:
Think Lucio and Samuel are good shouts.

I would still take 85-89 over them though.
They have Ramos, Pique, Kompany, Godin and Hummels just off the top of my head.

Sidenote: Do people think going by decade is better in such debates?
So players born in the 70s, 80s, 90s etc.


First thing I saw when I opened this up was ‘Steve Bruce wants to replace Jurgen’ and I thought it was about Klopp. :joy:

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South Korea ain’t got any…South Koreans that can do the job? Steve Bruce ffs.

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