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Jaysus. 36. Absolutely no age. :frowning_face: RIP.


Watched that like 8 times just because of the beat change :arteta:

Big Fiddy


This is a shame. I went to the same school as this guy – he’s one of my sister’s friends. Football was his life, so must be a difficult time for him, especially as he is only 26. Just shows what one injury can do.


Ryan has sought the guidance of numerous world renowned neurologists and neuro surgeons who have all advised that a return to competitive football is not advised.


Damn, that’s terrible. Did he receive some kind of brain damage from the incident?


That is sad man.


Poor bloke, 26 is no age to have to retire from the game.


It’s a shame to lose a decent player like this but at least he’s had a lot more than a lot of players. He got to come through the Spurs set up and play for Spurs and I think he had an England cap or two, so he’s already lived a big part of the dream.

It’s sad for him to lose it all but it would have been a lot sadder if it had happened to his 19 year old self and he didn’t get the chance to do any of these things.

He has enough of a name to probably get himself a coaching gig (if he wants it) too so hopefully he’ll do alright for himself after this.


He must not be right in the head if he didn’t.



If Marian Pahars was the Latvian Michael Owen, then Stepanovs was probably the Latvian Titus Bramble. Panic-bought from Skonto Riga by Arsene Wenger in 2000 after an injury to Tony Adams, Stepanovs English career started well – he scored on his debut, and saw his playing time gradually increase until an infamous game against Manchester United.

A Stepanovs-Gilles Grimandi centre-back pairing was no match for Dwight Yorke, who smashed in a 21-minute hat-trick. United were 5-1 up at half-time, and won 6-1 with the Latvian culpable for at least two of the goals.

Stepanovs only made one more appearance that season, but did collect a Premier League winners medal the following year by virtue of being an unused substitute on the day Arsenal clinched the title.

Read more at https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/ranked-50-worst-players-premier-league-history?page=0%2C8&utm_campaign=featuretraffic&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_term=editorial_organic&utm_content=stillimage#UvEPAdjMBsQzZ4ZL.99


You’d think he’d have suffered enough before this news. Poor bloke.



Why can’t we just wear the black third top?


I quite like the red shorts, reckon we should wear them all the time.


Makes us look like Charlton or some lower league team. Just let us wear the boss 3rd kit.

I mean we’re obviously gonna get humped now


Jeez, just wear our regular home kit against City. Hardly a colour clash, is it?


Xhaka will make red shorts look good


With any luck, Xhaka won’t even be in the stadium





have to say this story about us signing Igor Stepanovs is amazing :arteta:


That is an amazing story. It is so ridiculous. Which is why it must totally be true - I can definitely believe Wenger would sign a defender because he would get cheers from the bench in training.

What a class A idiot.

If you have ever mistrusted that being humiliated by the better half of the top clubs in England and Europe is entirely down to Wenger, start believing.


FYI Ferguson signed Bebe for 6-8m

Every coach has Brainfart signings