Race to Worldclass - Q4 2016 | No Rules | Pick one U21 & one O21


Dolberg’s stock is rising:





Shit, completely forgot about this.
WIll update the sheet tomorrow & relax the rules for next draft.


total16/17: 4apps 1goal 3assists

Pulisic. :santi:


Yikes. :smile:


My boy Dolberg with another goal in the Europa League



Put me in next for Alex Isak from Sweden. Kid just turned 17, has played 20ish games for the u-17 team and his club (in the Swe league) both, and he is looking dynamite. cba to check all the rules again, I think he should qualify.

He’s tall and slender, a bit like a Sanogo except that his legs are not autonomous from the rest of his nervous system.

Young Talents

Carlos Castaneda,the Peruvian Pele !


Haha I just scouted him on FIFA 17.


he any good?


Yeah for his age he was good, in the low 70’s overall as a 19 or 20 year old. I ended up buying someone else, I found a regen of someone with stupid stats and poached him from Inter.


ah good old regens lol I never played the FIFA series but I play the FM games now and then and they can also produce absolutely silly regens


Davinson Sanchez https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davinson_Sánchez

It’s not often that Ajax scout in South America (that’s usually PSV’s realm) – instead, the Amsterdam club tend to focus on the Scandinavian countries. But that changed with the recruitment of scout Henk Veldmate, and they picked up two bright young talents in Colombian duo Mateo Cassierra and Davinson Sanchez. While the former is still adapting to Dutch football, the latter has turned out to be arguably one of Ajax’s best acquisitions in recent memory.

Sanchez, who was scouted by Barcelona in May, is a monster of a defender. He frequently wins aerial duels, completes his tackles cleanly and recently even scored twice in an Eredivisie game against PEC Zwolle. While his long passing from the back still has room to improve, Sanchez is already going a long way towards justifying why he was rated as one of the best young talents in the Copa Libertadores (which he won with Atletico Nacional earlier this year, playing every minute of every game

Read more at http://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/fourfourtwos-59-best-under-21-wonderkids-world-30-21?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social#wLTPXPvHBJiUJv1I.99

Sounds like he will go for mega money in a few years. You seen him @Bl1nk?


Yes he’s gonna be immense. Very very promising player.


Nice! Wonder if there is any chance we go for him in the future. Probs not lol as it will be mega money


@Bl1nk PLease lock this thread till 14th Oct.




Thread re-opened!


Q4 draft starts tomorrow.
This time no rules.
You get to choose 2 players -
One under the age of 21(includes the age 21) & one over the age of 21; who are currently not considered worldclass.

Draft starts at 18:00 GMT tomorrow. Any entries before that will not be considered.
Think hard about your choice.

Please do refresh the thread after posting your entry to double check whether someone else didn’t take the player before you.

In the meantime, I will finalize the table for Q3.


Yikes, forgot about it myself.

Draft started half an hour ago.
Please do contribute.