Race for Top 4 - 22/23

Something to discuss over the international break

Who will finish in 3rd & 4th spot?
  • Manchester United
  • Tottenham
  • Liverpool
  • Chelsea
  • Newcastle United
  • Brighton
  • Brentford

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Just don’t know how Spurs stay there when they’ve played some of the worst football I’ve ever seen this season - and I’ve been to watch Ware FC! Newcastle have the games in hand and look to be getting better again.

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If we crash and burn and end up in this I’m blaming this thread.

3rd: Man United
4th: Liverpool

Honestly wouldn’t even be surprised to see them reversed given the amount of games United have.

If Man Utd don’t miss Rashford and Fernandes for any significant time they’ll be fine.

Liverpool should be claiming the last spot but they can’t stop self-sabotaging themselves.

Think Spurs will nick it.

Spurs have to play all of brighton, Newcastle, Brentford, United and Liverpool.

Those games will define if they have a chance (if they can nick points off their rivals), hopefully they take 0/15 and end up behind all of the above.

With 13 points lead over 3rd place United, Arsenal fans are still so pessimistic :joy:
Ah the scars of our past.

Just last season is enough not to be over confident. :grinning:

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Come on Brighton!

Assuming 72 is the target, Tottenham needs 23 points from 30 in the remaining games. They do have the chance to determine what their rivals can do since they play all of the top 4 rivals (United, Newcastle, Brighton & Liverpool)

Those 3 games between the 23rd to 30th of April determine everything.

I also asked ChatGPT about it

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That should put Brighton out of contention now.

It’s worth pointing out, given our goals at the start of the season, we need a maximum of 3 more wins to guarantee CL football next season. Pretty impressive with 29 games on the board.

Newcastle V Spurs will be for the fourth spot I reckon

If you’d told me at the start of the season that this thread would be irrelevant to us I’d have been furious.


Unless I’ve worked it out wrong, I think we can confirm our place in the top 4 tomorrow and I know that we’re hoping for a lot more but getting back into the CL has felt like a pipe dream at times since we dropped out of it. It shouldn’t go unmarked.