Quickdraw (Google)


Quite fun :smiley:


Its good. Got more than half of mine and i cant draw for shit :smile:


“neural network”

This is how the machines will take over.


I was trying to draw a rollercoaster, and it asked, “Is it a beach?” :joy: :upside_down:


This is addictive ffs! :grimacing:

Best i have is 2 out of 5.


My perception of the table was literally flawless.


I am so bad at drawing. Best they’ve guessed is 2. Not surprised to be honest…

But in my defence, a kangaroo? In 20 seconds?


My flying saucer was flawless but it stopped guessing so I added beams of light. Still failed. The key…I don’t know why I drew that line going out of it.


addictive as fuck


yep no matter how shit I am at it or the ridiculous things it asks you to draw in 20 seconds lol. Fuck you @Bl1nk :wink:


It asked me to draw a flower. It went so badly…The last guess was “Is it a knee?”.



Somehow managed to guess my lion!


Makes the animation in the lion king look like shit tbh.


I cocked up ‘tree’ and ‘bed’.

I suck.

By the way those who didn’t know: afterwards you can click on one of your drawings and see what other people drew.


haha love this game, I got asked do draw a sock, cannon and lighter and they all pretty much ended up looking like a penis