Should we just sell the entire first team and start the u21s?

At least they’d have more passion and fire than this sorry lot.

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No just Wenger leaving solves it.


I say we burn everything to the fucking ground and start watching golf.


I’d rather burn to death.


Well if slow painful deaths are your thing I’m sure there will be a repeat of the match on skysports soon enough.

The frustrating thing is, I think we have a very capable first 11, as good as anyone in the League, but it doesn’t matter who we keep bringing in player wise, we’re rotted from the top up. The menality and fragility unfortunately lies with Arsene. But it’s hardly a surprise considering we’ve been saying the same things for at least the last 5/6 years.

Please Arsene, for the sake of any little shred of credibility you have left, time to start drawing a succession plan and bow out after the Summer.


This is even worse than your hatred for dogs.

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I love dogs. Just because I don’t want to jerk off Alexis’ dogs doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs.

Oh so you want to jerk off dogs now you fucking pervert

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Good to know.
I was planning on making a general dog thread but thought you would off yourself.

I will make one tomorrow.

Shammrocks dog especially.

If the players aren’t up to it they aren’t to blame.

Every player is bought and coached by Wenger.
He runs almost every aspect of the club, from the design of the training grounds, the diets, the wages, the coaching staff, the transfers, the coaching.
He picks the team, he talks to them before the game, at half time and he tells them what tactics they are going to use.

Man City had their best players missing, just like Man U did last season when we threw away the PL.
There is no excuse.
If he takes the credit when he wins, then he has to take responsibility for, not only losing, but in the manner in which we lost.

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This is the exact feeling I sat left with after the game.

The first team can fuck off to the dark side of the moon for a week. Catastrophic performance in 2nd half, from a 1st that looked good, looked just like it did the other times vs. them lately, we had them more or less where we wanted them.

2nd half had fuckall to do with strategy, line up, tactics, the pitch, the manager, the weather, fuck all to do with anything else. It almost looked like something happened in the dressing room in at HT, they all just went from business as usual to absolute wank. nfi but would like explanation, or we sell them all and play the u21s.

Nah I’d prefer Wenger to just go. New manager changes players

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The under 21s? I reckon a team made up of the players’ dogs would have shown more passion on that pitch today!

You’d be at it a while, poor fella has been neutered. :flushed:

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You monster. Did you take that photo of him to remember the last time he ever looked happy?

That’s what I think, DB10. But when they totally switched off for the second half, then it could only have been as directed by Wenger.

And what the fuck is Bouldy doing, apart from sitting on his arse and looking grumpy and vacant. The whole lot of them want their arses kicking at the training ground on Monday. Trouble is, there’s no one there to do it.


Hey I watch Golf :smile:

The one thing i fear if Wenger has any say in choosing his successor is that he will try to find a carbon copy of himself (or as close to himself as he can find) but obviously younger.

As has been stated/wished for by many on and off these boards, it was a major screw up not getting Klopp. we need a major managerial heavyweight, one who players not want to play for, but demand they play for.