Qarabağ FK vs Arsenal (The Craigie derby)

Good job nobody did then :blush:

I’d go Leno, Lichsteiner, Holding, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Elneny, Guendouzi, Miki, Ramsey, Welbeck and Aubameyang.

Have a strong bench just in case. Go out and win this early enough. That team should be beating Qarabag. We need to take this serious just in case we falter in the top 4 race.

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Mesut Ozil has travelled from London, as have the likes of Sokratis, Shkodran Mustafi, Hector Bellerin, Nacho Monreal, Lucas Torreira and Granit Xhaka.

Alexandre Lacazette has also made the journey along with Matteo Guendouzi, Mohamed Elneny, Alex Iwobi, Sead Kolasinac and Eddie Nketiah.

Unai knows this will be a big test of of our European credentials. Smart move taking a loaded squad.


Well, i understand Emery and his selection. Win it and you are almost qualified.

Yeah I was hoping for more rotation as the season is going to get rough by end of year, but I guess we have to remind ourselves that we had serious trouble with those pesky Swedes up north and this is probably around that level.

We need to curb stomp these guys. We’ve bumbled along to wins so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love our record over the last 8 or so games, but we need to start putting teams like this to the sword.


Just read Qarabag manager’s comments. What a cunt! Thrash and destroy him tomorrow. Wee prick.

Its funny Luca as I never ever see non Scottish people using “wee” and you use it all the time :grin:


I like it. Very derogatory.

I can’t imagine someone with an Italian accent saying it tho haha :joy: always read it in a Scottish voice

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Luca is basically one of us.


He’s basically Luca fae Italy now




Not sure about that.

Ask his opinion on the change to the Irn Bru recipe, then we’ll know.

Irn Bru Xtra is better and has no sugar. #winning

@Luca_from_Italy what’s your opinion?

I am actually triggered.

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Ok highlanders, i do prefer beer.

Not whisky - x - failed

Try again for citizenship tomorrow

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