PSN Free Games

I know a lot of you have the PSN plus just like I do…but what the fuck is up with the free games.

Since I got my PS4 there has only been one game I actually like NBA2k16, the rest has just been absolute gash. September was a shocker fro PS4 Lords of the Fallen has to be the shittest game I have ever had the misfortune of playing, what a heap of shite.

How does XBOX compare to this shower of shite on PSN?

I don’t even bother to look for the free games. I just have Plus because you need it to play online. I think Rocket League was free for a while, exclusively to Plus members, best free game I can remember.

The games are pretty insulting lol. Outlast was a masterpiece and was one of the first games I got free which set the bar pretty high.

I disagree about LOTF though, it’s similar to Bloodborne and Dark Souls so it takes some serious getting used to and even then most people will play about an hour and just delete it. Saying that it’s a much shittier version of Bloodborne and the combat system is a little fucked but it’s the first PSN in ages that I’ve actually got my moneys worth on.

Cant complain about free stuff. Most of it is indeed gash but once in a blue moon a gem pops up in that section.

It’s not really free though is it.

Why not mate

I just think the fact you’re charged to play online in the first place is a bit obscene when you have internet subscriptions on top of that, I mean for whatever it is a month they could easily give us a triple A game regardless of whether it’s good or bad but instead they give us some indie shite you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole and would have looked outdated on my old commodore 64.

Hell they could even open up some older PS3 games into the mix but instead they charge you for that too with their shitty PSNOW setup that looks destined to fail.

The state of gaming is pretty dire these days anyway, the whole DLC culture fucks me off massively.

I do agree with you to an extent. I mean PS used to give a free service but they realised there’s money to be made as long as they improved their service. Xbox Live has been charging from day 1 - but you have just accept that this is a large part of their revenue which allows them to become bigger and better. Business 101.

I do think though that they should reward long serving customers with more free stuff, because at the end of the day without us they are nothing. The gaming industry is just as big as the movie business these days, if not bigger, it’s such an integral part of people’s lives it’s unreal. Where there’s money to be made, someone will make it.

I haven’t checked in about 5 months but often free games are very good if you’re old school like me and still have the PS3 plugged in.

Can we rename this thread to like general gaming thread coz I feel like we are not done here :mask:

I Don’t mind psplus its gives me a chance to play games I general wouldn’t buy and compered to games with gold the games are general better.

Yeh like you say it is what it is and probably will get worse before it gets better. I just wish it wasn’t such an insulting service, even the offers are like 5 percent off a 55 pound game lol.Some of the sales have been getting better but they’re a long ways off steam and their crazy cheap offers.

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Steam are good. Just cba with PC gaming.

Same lol fuck that effort but sometimes nearly seems worth it when you see epic games for a fiver.

My mate bought a £1500 PC, played it for two months then sold it. Was getting murdered online as the transition from pad to keyboard mouse is too different. If you use a pad on PC youre at a disadvantage massively.

I just prefer to kick back with pad in hand and enjoy my gaming. Cant be dealimg with that shizzle.

I’ve never played PC games. Always been a PlayStation guy and a huge fan of some of the big series over the past 12 years or so.

But I downloaded league of legends after a mate was banging on about it and since then I’ve not turned my PS4 on in over a year and have no reason to atm. It’s funny because I always thought MOBAs were shit and nerdy but having played it fuck I just rather that then switch on the PS4. Plus it’s free and you dont need particularly good wifi or laptop/computer.

Since the thread is already open.

Resident Evil remake is literally wank worthy.

All ready have resi evil. But glad transformers is free this month been wanting to play it for ages