PS4 Pro vs normal PS4

I was thinking of purchasing the new PS4 Pro in the boxing day sales but wasn’t sure if it was worth getting the Pro model or if the regular model is good enough?

I heard that all new games have to be compatible with the pro model; if that is the case then I guess it would make sense is getting the pro model??

I used to be into gaming a fair bit but I sold my Ps4 last year due to studying etc - but now I have a lot of free time on my hands so i thought I might as well get the pro model.

I’ve been looking at some of the ps4 exclusives and they look pretty amazing:
Uncharted 4
Last of us 2 (The first one was amazing!!!)
Horizon Zero Dawn
The Last Guardian
Gravity Rush 2
Ratchet and Clank
god of war
death stranding
days gone

What do you guys think - Pro model or not?

If you don’t have a PS4 may aswell get the newest one. No point in buying an older version IMO.


I guess it does make more sense - I’m just wondering as the normal ps4 is so much cheaper.

If it’s a massive price difference then thats up to how you feel about the price.

It it was me though I would take the splurge on the newer one as isn’t more HD than the standard PS4?

yeah it is, but you’d need a 4k tv to take advantage of it (which I don’t have)…it would make it more future proof I guess.

PS4 Pro is more expensive, but it is future proof with the 4K capability.

Already games like GT Sport are gearing towards PS4 Pro.

Id get the pro.

Yeah, I think Sony have said that all the ps4 exclusives will be ps4 pro compatible and they’re the games I really wanted to play

Or get the XBox One S instead :gunnersaurus:

I’m not sure about the xbox. I’ve always been a playstation kinda guy, lol. I prefer the exclusives on the playstation franchise tbh

if your ever going to get psvr then get a ps4pro it will be a smoother experience for vr.

If you want it to be future proof, definitely opt for the Pro.

The Xbox Scorpio is going to come out next year which will rival (better) the Pro. The Normal PS4 will then start to be phased out.

I think I will go for a PS4 Pro. Anybody know of any good deals around? Looks like its around £349 on most sites

I did wonder what the point of the XBox One S (other than £$£$£$£) was, given how the Scorpio is fairly close around the corner

I think they were sort of forced to due to the release of the ps4 pro. They had to release something to keep up

Wait playstation four games are soon going to be unplayable on the PS4? WTF is up with gaming these days.

The One S was released to support that new HDR update (added extra light texture etc) where as the ps4 and ps4 slim have just had the same update but via the net.

When Slim versions come out for a console, its usually marking the end of that generations life - a nice little earner for all parties before the next gen consoles are released.

In terms of power, next year will be like:

  • Scorpio at 6 teraflops
  • Ps4 Pro at 4.5 ish teraflops

Old gen…

  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One & Ps4
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