Project British core, a failed experiment


I think we had a thread on this last season, but now lost to the Internet gods, so we’ll start again. After signing many British players on long term contracts 4/5 years ago, to build a team around them, it’s probably fair to say it’s ultimately failed to live up to expections.

Gibbs - Has dipped in and out of the side, lost his number 1 spot to Monreal 18 months ago and hasn’t had much of a look in since. Looked at possibly leaving during the Summer, but has stayed. Undecided if he has a real future here or not.

Jenkinson - He recently returned to Arsenal after two years out on loan at West Ham. A Gooner at heart, but I don’t think it’ll be enough for him long term. If he’s ok accepting 2nd best to Bellerin, he’ll be around for a while longer, but he’s nothing more than a squad player.

Oxlade-Chamberlain - Such a massive disappointment on the lack of progression throughout his time here. In many respects, he’s stagnated, even gone backwards on some of the basics. The great first season seems like such a long time ago. You often get the feeling he’s too distracted by matters off the pitch.

Ramsey - Seemingly came of age in 13/14 where he looked unstoppable at times. But since then, for whatever reason, his performances have slowly tailed off, to the point where he looks like the former Rambo of around 4 years ago. He’s gone from taking one big step forward, to going two steps back. He’s in an awkward part of his career where he doesn’t have a locked down position, and others are getting ahead in the pecking order.

Wilshere - Injuries have completely messed his career up. Now on loan at Bournemouth. If he stays injury free there, Wenger might give him another chance, but with so much depth in midfield, I can’t help but feel he’s not going to be part of our future plans. It’s a big shame what a big prospect he was, and had some outstanding moments during his time here, but it’s hard to see them returning.

Walcott - Theo blows a bit too hot and cold. He either has moments of brilliance or spells of absolute mediority like end of last season. So far he’s had a good season, but on the face of it, he’s another player, given his age who probably hasn’t fully lived up to expections during his career, and left wanting more.

There’s one or two from this core who perhaps still have a say in being able to do something good for Arsenal, but overall, you have to say, the experiment will probably go down more towards the failure side of things. Is it down to their abilities. Would another manager get better use out of them, or were some players slightly overrated?


The Ox and Rambo should just fuck off. Nothing players. Theo, Jenko and Gibbo can stay as back ups, instead.


Gibbs, Walcott are good for the bench sell the others


What about Daniel Welbeck!?


[quote=“Robin_L, post:4, topic:887, full:true”]
What about Daniel Welbeck!?
[/quote]I didn’t really include Danny because it was more aimed towards the players that were all signed up long term at the same time who were meant to be the next big things, who started off here as youngsters.

I do like Welbeck though, massive shame he’s had two long term injuries here. I’d be happy to keep him around for the next few seasons.


I think this contract signing is where the “British core” thing originated from, so Welbz ain’t included.

Edit: just seen @Mysty above


The full British core.

Dat Guy & Calum aren’t included.


The only players with genuine potential in that list are Wilshere, Ramsey and Walcott. They are the only players there that could have made it big. The rest of those players have all shown that over an extended period they really don’t have anything substantial to offer at Arsenal’s level.

I don’t think the club realistically expected all of those players to succeed either. Would have been silly of anyone to think so. Even then it was apparent Jenkinson was mediocre. It’s an investment that targeted some homegrown success as well as loyalty and it has mainly only delivered on the latter.

There really aren’t many British talents good enough for the likes of City, Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs.

Only the trio I mentioned earlier can compete with the likes of Sterling, Cahill, Alli and Kane in terms of consistent output but for many reasons (including management) they’ve fallen well short of those players so far.


Ramsey has always been a very overrated talent by Arsenal fans. Wenger picked him out and in the time he’s invested in him dozens of far superior talents have come and gone. Before his injury it was clear his technique and brain were not that of a top midfield prospect. The injury and his very british style of play/Lampard comparisons elevated him to fantasy status among many supporters though, and of course then he became Jamie Vardy before Jamie Vardy played above League 2.


If Gibbs and Jenkinson are happy to hang around as perennial squad players and not go play 1st choice for Crystal Palace then that’s up to them.

Wilshere has a chance if the Premier League outlaws tackling. Walcott has finally peaked at his level and after 10 years of investment should be kept to get a return on that.

Ramsey and Chamberlain are good enough for many other clubs’ first teams but I wouldn’t want selling to a direct rival.


Welbeck though injury prone is made from different stuff altogether. Brought through the united ranks with players like Keane and the like to look up to. Players who would win at all costs but also technically talented.

Arsenal is a breeding ground for complacency as I’ve said so many times before which impacts on the likes of Ramsey, ox, Theo etc. I just sincerely hope iwobi spends more time with Alexis and Koscielny than with ox or Ramsey because those guys are not good influences to have around.


He’s a goalscoring attacking midfielder for a direct/long ball team and nothing more. He’s not about the technical life, he’s all about the explosive style. He would thrive in that kind of setup. You don’t score as many goals as he did in a season and not be a productive modern talent.

It’s just that he lacks a great number of attributes as a cost to his inclusion. I actually think Man Utd or Liverpool could potentially suit him well with the way Mourinho and Klopp have them trying to play, but beyond that it’s dropping down a level or two.

He is clearly a serious British talent but only under a type of system which he will never get under Arsene Wenger. He proved at the Euro’s how dangerous he can be in that type of team. I’m pretty sure he’ll move on next summer and this sad story will be over.


Yeah, that’s true, but a player who is only good in that system I don’t consider a top talent. That kind of system doesn’t succeed at the top level in Europe, its ceiling is Everton level and I don’t consider Everton level to be that of a top talent.


Britain is a failed experiment. You can’t really blame Arsenal for trying to assemble some of the best British talent but it’s not like in their place have been British stars at other clubs and we’ve missed the boat. And it’s not like we’ve claimed to have produced any of these wonders apart from Wilshere and Gibbs.

There’s only one British player anywhere near world class these days. I’m not convinced Kane is fully legit. Sterling is an exciting player but not really found his groove fully and with some of the lows he’s had in the last couple of seasons I don’t think you could say he was a top player. Alli is still young though I do rate him very much but then I’ve rated players before who’ve gone downhill. Rashford, who knows, it’s too soon. Sturridge decent but probably not the full package.

In between all that in the last 5 years or so is a bunch of British players just as incapable of being big players for Arsenal as our lot are, and it would be arrogant to think if we’d had any other player that some Arsenal magic would have turned them into a star.


Who are you referring to? The only candidates I can think of would be Sterling, Kane, and Sturridge yet you’ve just discarded them.





Ah, duh. I was thinking of the English team.

btw Jakey I laughed out loud.


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