Pride and prejudice

This is a good point, took me about 6 months to finally find people a bit like me at Uni, and then about a further 6 before I found the people I really wanted to hang out with, some of which are still friends today. It’s worth @Stroller pointing this out to your son if you haven’t already. One great thing about uni is how many people are there, so he’s got more prospects than most to reorient his friendships. Good luck to him.


As many have said it’s great he’s opened to you about this. The main thing when feeling like that is having people around you who you can trust and speak to at all times. I would also look to get in contact with the ini as I’d like to think they have specialists up there who can be a point of contact that he can reach out to when needed. It may also be useful to reach out to any lecturers and get support with the work, in my experience many will go the extra mile to get the best out of you (and may be flexible with deadlines in cases like this).

On another point I agree with what some have mentioned in that it may just be the group of people he’s hanging around with. Honestly get them hum to cut them out of social life straight away, any ‘friends’ who make him feel like that are not worth having. I’m sure some socials will have people from similar background (at least in my experience), or at the very least people who aren’t complete pricks.

Stating the obvious he has to do what’s best for him, which may be quitting if it really is making his life unbearable. On the other hand hes obviously bright so sticking with it may be for the best, and it will definitely make him grow if he goes on to a get a degree!

Really great of you share though @Stroller, I’m sure with a dad like you guiding him through this he will be absolutely fine. All the best to both of you mate!

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Good to hear there was a sound resolution @Stroller !

As he’s going to being staying up and potentially not studying again until September will he be looking to get a job to tide him over until then?

Would be good for him to have something to occupy him and distract his thoughts as depression and anxiety can leave you feeling a bit worthless which is only exacerbated if you don’t have a purpose in your every day that gets you up and out the door.

Not to mention that a years work will look great on his CV and teach him a lot.


I wanted to reply with something thoughtful/encouraging but I honestly hadn’t had the time to do so, sorry about that my friend :+1::+1:

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Yeah because of these other anxiety issues he’s going to see what he can get through the uni.
Good advice though and taking it on board mate.

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Unis are usually some of the biggest employers in their area and they always pay well so their could even be some opportunities for him on campus!

But good to hear :blush:


Kept meaning to reply to this, though I would have just been repeating all the great advice you’d already been given. You should definitely be proud of him for opening up. Admitting something is wrong is the hardest step, so at least that’s one less hurdle for him to climb.

I’m glad things are on the up for him now. I’ve always found Newcastle to be quite a friendly city, so hopefully he finds his place and goes into the next academic year with a happier mindset.

Joining a society is a good idea. Or he could even start his own if he doesn’t find one he likes – though that’s unlikely, given the variety they already have. May I recommend the board game or Irish dancing societies? :smile:

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Thanks. He is going to be staying up in Newcastle as he likes the city a lot and surrounding areas (Tynemouth, Gateshead and where he lives in Jesmond).
Also went to see Newcastle last night. Well it was only a tenner.

Yeah, it is a nice area… as long as you don’t advance as far as Sunderland :laughing: I really like the areas immediately either side of the river. The Baltic museum on the Gateshead side is one of my favourite places.

Just tell him to avoid Sinners bar, unless he has had enough alcohol to get the entire population of Scotland drunk.

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Yeah, plenty of jobs going from any unis student representative bodies.

Things like Manning helplines, doing tours, leafleting and such.

If hes up for that.