Premier League Survivor


The game continuing next week is doing me a favor cause this week is hard to pick a non top 6 team.






West Brom


Think you should finish this out @Calum :joy:


If people want another round then sure :slight_smile:

What made you bump this sham tho :joy: haha


I was back digging out the Sunderland thread and saw this and had no idea wtf it was so when I had a look I was amused it had never rounded out. :slight_smile:




Lads do you want to finish this two years later? :joy:

I know you picked teams two years ago haha but am I fuck checking the results haha. So pick again




FYI @Calum , it’s up to you whatever you do with this piece of info, but I checked up on the results from 2 years ago, and according to your rules, everyone is through, except from HiArseBloc, Palace lost 1-0 to Everton. And Bl1nk will love me pointing this out, but Bournemouth drew 2-2 with Watford, so he’s technically out. Sorry Dutchy :arteta:


:joy: what a guy mysty what did you search to find them :joy: I cba searching for two year old scores hah.

Well looks like it’s just three now. Sorry @Bl1nk. :speak_no_evil:


I just did a quick search on wikipedia and looked at Premier League 2016/17 article. All results are on there. Easy peasy :bellend: