Premier League star arrested on suspicion of rape

If that’s what you need to tell yourself to justify being bothered about someone’s else’s promiscuity then do your thing brother.

Not really it’s only in post modern era that has been a loosening of behaviour that has lead us to this point where we are now.

Not really bothered by it however things like needs to be kept on check, I am sure as a Muslim
Man you know exactly what I am talking about :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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He knows that only too well :laughing:

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That being the point where misogyny isn’t allowed on a football message board. Glad we agree.

No it has lead to the point criticism of a behaviour which deep down we all know is deplorable is being defended.

I’m not a Muslim man lol. You can live in your own world where things like promiscuity need to be kept in check and I’ll live in a world where I don’t concern myself with what people choose to do with their own bodies lol


Haha you are funny dude, a Muslim man when defending Islam, then a non-Muslim when comes to anything else :rofl:

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Jesus man. Maybe take a break and come back to the thread. That’s totally out of order.


Haha so true :+1::laughing:

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Misogyny part aside - do you disagree with a contract?
Pretty sure that’s a norm in the celebrity circles.

The beauty of being a mod is that I get to close threads.

I saw you typing, probably ready to spew some more ignorance about how angry women doing things at their own free will makes you @mhappy but I figured I’d step in and not give you the satisfaction :smiley:

This topic is about something much more sensitive than a chance for people to debate if women are sluts. Keep it in your little WhatsApp group and off the forum