Premier League Clubs losing money?,000-per-day-study

Interesting read. Arsenal mentions towards the bottom. Premise of the article is that the EPL may be in trouble sooner rather than later (next round of TV deals) due to the incredible spending going on and Citeh taking what the Chavs started to the next level.

Blurb suggests that Arsenal don’t have the money to spend.

About time the bubble burst tbh


LOLOLOLOLOLOL, we have no money to spend, absolute fucking bollocks we have hundreds of millions untouched in the bank and our revenue is increasing last year alone we go £140m from EPL tv rights without even ticket prices etc. We are fine!


This article is just what Wenger wants to hear.
He will use this to tell everyone that his way is the best way and that we are financially secure with him as manager, even if we are not playing in the CL.

I do think the PL bubble will burst, just like it did in Italy, but we are not a club that has to worry about over spending.
If anything, it’s our under spending that has got us into this mess.


I’m aware of the “money in the bank” part and thought that the blurb was interesting. The author is not likely looking at the reserves of the club, but it being third in revenue behind the Manchester clubs.

The timing of the commercial deals will obviously effect those numbers and I would imagine clubs moving up and down the list amongst each other.

Still, I do think the overall premise of the article is correct in that the spending is not likely sustainable (at least the increases) should the TV deal money decline.

Agree with the under spending part.

It’s well hashed out in other threads, but the Sanchez/Ozil situations are entirely down to under investment in the squad (self inflicted wounds).

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I’m not a specialist in economics so I can’t really critic any details in the article, but it seems as if the money may run out sooner rather than later. Sky and BT won’t be able to continue with the vast sums that they’re spending on TV rights.

Sky are having to completely revamp their sports channels, which shows that they’re worried about the slump in viewing figures. It may be quite a way away, but surely sky will have to cut back on its spending on football somewhere in the future.

If this all turns out to be true, wouldn’t clubs like us be even more in danger? Surely clubs with rich owners be better able to cope should the bubble burst (assuming they would want to cover the costs)

Well in reality look at a lot of these financial companies that mention how much Arsenal is worth and their general revenue. Every one of them differs to a degree but they all agree that we are generating close to £400m a season for revenue and it is widely said we have close to (if not more) £200m in the bank. We are getting new revenue streams coming in constantly (even if it is on the slow side) like universal…plus our shirt deal will be renewed very soon also. I know that the CL puts a dent in things but in general we only usually get about £30m because we never get that far in it anyway.

All in all i dont think Arsenal have anything at all to worry about as regards revenue. If we do have something to worry about i guess we should start fucking getting rid of deadweight that will easily save us 10s of millions a season we are bloated to hell with fucking garbage players on stupidly high wages!

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Not allowed to use TV money on players i believe…

We’ve kept within our means for years, if anything we are prepared for a bubble burst should it happen.

We have such a bloated squad that getting rid of a dozen players or so will balance our books nicely.

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If that article is xorrect, then due to it being written before the signing of Lacazette it would mean we would have to find about £60m this summer to not break the rules. Correct?

Not sure we could achieve anywhere near that type of figure, unless we sold Bellerin for a sizable sum and a few more players. Surely it can’t be true, I can’t believe the club would pay out for Lacazette otherwise.

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Makes me laugh that they are talking about us, but Chavski and Mancity and Manu well all the clubs are bloating their wagebill by huge amounts but all of a sudden its a big problem for Arsenal and noone else, its utter shit.


At least to me it seems to be more like 10-15m and with the needed contract renewals a little more, depending on which of the squad players we move on of course.

I’d be surprised if that really become a problem and much less one that would need us to sell Ox or Bellerin.

Wenger doesn’t do half of what you suggest he does.

Apart from us :mustafi:. We have so much money to spend :xhaka:

I’ve often heard him talk about making sure we have financial stability and not paying more than meets with his valuation, and that’s why we are in the mess we’re in.

C’mon Usmanov! Save us from this ‘mess’!

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So your saying if we’d just been more reckless with our money over the years and just spent spent spent we’d be in a better position financially now? Intresting

Found it.

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