Premier League boss 'quizzed over alleged rape of teenage girl

Yikes, horrific if true. Thoughts to the victim.

I don’t think this could be our manager, while it means nothing, he seems like he loves his family. Can’t imagine it’s him. I’m sure Twitter has already decided who it is.

Very weird that in the comments under that tweet people are talking about who they want it to be.

I mean, I say weird, it’s twitter.

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You expect anything less from Twitter?

I’m not one to give that shit rag any clicks

Do they mean a PL coach? Utterly disgusting if this happened

“Boss” seems like a vague term.

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Roy Hodgson

but seriously it’s disgusting, and hope it’s not true

If the name of the person ever gets out, it’s going to be curtains

Premier league figure/boss, it doesn’t say specifically manager so could be anyone really. Click bait title from an absolute scummy rag newspaper.

Either way it’s irrelevant who it is, if an offence has been commited it needs to be dealt with, hope the young person involved is okay.

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Yeah, I’d bet that “boss” refers to one of the big wig executives, not a manager.

If it was a manager of a club they’d have said that imo, as that’s attracting far more clicks/views than a more ambiguous term like “boss”