Premier League 2023/24

MNF showed the Palace stats pre game and they are 19th or 20th for them all. How are they not bottom?! :joy:

Palace has been coasting in this league for awhile now, I’m not sure if they have the capacity to improve. But they are a bit fortunate atm that the floor for a relegated team is so low right now.

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They gotta move Roy on. They have some high profile injuries but he basically admitted he’d lost his passion for this a few weeks back too. That has to transmit to the players. They only need like 4 wins to stay up but they might not get them with Hodgson.

Their trajectory is certainly going that way.
Their main benefit over Forest and Everton at the minute is the potential points deduction the latter two will most likely receive.

I think they’ll escape but just barely and out of someone else being way more shit than them.

It’s their last chance for me though. They’ve been flirting with it for some time.

They honestly need a sizeable investment in the summer.
Dudes like Mateta, Ayew, Schlupp, Clyne, Ward and others have no business playing in the PL in 2024.

Chelsea back in the top half what a shame :pensive:.

Trying hard to find an excuse but I can’t, the twat is actively looking for someone not black to give the shirt to. Fucking hell…

we need them to be in form to give City a good match


Game is gonna have goals both ways, I do think Haaland will rip them to pieces though. In fact, I see a Haaland hat trick.

you know… Chavs can always surprise people…
when everyone thinks City would get a win, probably…

They’ll get smacked, after seeing them at Anfield I have zero faith.

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Yeah that looks super questionable… :face_with_peeking_eye: :gabriel:

The bloke he gives his shirt to appears to be holding a River Plate shirt, if I were to guess from the colours and the fact that Fernandez once played for them, so I can see why he might have specifically decided he wanted to give that guy his shirt and not any of the people who popped up between him and then intended recipient.


Rushing down like that begging for it is really annoying behaviour, but that’s just me.

I actually didn’t notice that. Good spot.

Could not believe when he said this last night lol.

It’s all coming down…

Chambers-Lenglet CB duo in 2024 is wild.
A bit lucky they have a 10 point gap to 7th because I don’t expect their bad form to end anytime soon.

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Sky is getting to the point where it’s unbearable to watch. I’ll switch on the second the game starts, go away for 15 mins until the second half starts and turn Sky off the second the game ends just so I can avoid them hypocrite pundits

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Their fall is fantastic, got way too overhyped and won’t end up doing anything Wigan didn’t do with way less money.

Sky are so desperate to become like YouTube football influencers, their entire production has become a joke now.

Although Man U have the most expensive squad, it doesn’t include last season where Chelsea spent more than 800m on players.

The article says spurs have the highest revenue from home games, just ahead of Man U and us but Chelsea only take about half what these clubs do.

How are spurs making more from gate receipts than any other club?