Premier League 2023/24

Thomas Frank has been excellent on MNF

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Watching some clips today. Great guy, brilliant mind.

Sunday at 1830? That’s a brutal kick off time. No wants to do anything at that time on a Sunday :joy:

6.30 on a Sunday stinks for travelling away fans. Great for armchair fans like me.

Even if I’m watching at home I don’t want to watch football at that time on a Sunday ffs.

Sounds ok to me. Even less of the weekend potentially ruined.

They’re basically going in the direction that every game will have it’s own separate kick off time lol

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It’s pretty disgusting.

I know it won’t happen, but a nice idea I heard from a fan is that if an away ground is more than 200 miles apart, it shouldn’t be kicking off at any time other than the Saturday 3pm kick off. This probably means games at Anfield, Old Trafford and the Etihad for us won’t be televised but fuck it. It helps the travelling fan

Sunday 6.30pm kick offs are horrific. Just pandering to a worldwide market now.

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I’m amazed sky/premier league have never looked at the idea of scrapping Saturday 3pm kickoffs altogether to get around that rule that games can’t be broadcast in the UK at that time. We’ve had things like 39th game etc but never heard a peep along those lines.

La Liga is almost there, next round only two martches have KO at the same time.

Is it not up to the FA?

Sp basically doing something that might suit another large group of people?

I understand the travelling fans argument but there are far more fans watching on TV than away fans at any ground for a specific game.

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If you did understand it, you’d appreciate the horrendous nature of transportation links here, and on a Sunday night, it’s only going to be worse.

Fans at the game make the game. A worldwide audience doesn’t want to tune in to a half empty stadium at the game.

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Might be one or two trips per season per set of fans. And I can imagine those stadiums would mostly be comprised of home fans anyway.

I get up at horrible hours of the morning about 50 times a season, lots of fans make sacrifices and continue to do so.

Which stadiums have half and half with home and away fans?

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We don’t know that it’s only going to be 1 or 2 games per set of fans per season.

There’s every possibility, for example, that it could be a newcastle v Bournemouth game at 6.30pm on a sunday night. What good is a last minute winner for Bournemouth, hypothetically, if they’re celebrating to an empty away stand? It’s almost like a pandemic game

Travelling fans have been hating these time chamges for a long time now

It’s not their decision to make.

Although I think it’s only a matter of time before all 3pm games are televised in the UK.

Arsenal away games will still be sold out instantly - there is constantly a shortage of tickets available for our away games


I think we’ll see no 3pm games become a regular occurrence long before a UK government deems that law important enough to change.

There are 380 games in a season and if 25% more is accurate i think that means more than 300 will not be Saturday 3PM kick offs now.