Pre-season Fixtures Thread


Use this thread for all non-Arsenal related club friendlies.



Watching Bayern-P.S.G. now.

1-0 P.S.G. Weah like his father. Great goal.

1-1 Bayern. Good header from Martinez.

Big cock up from P.S.G.'s goalie to give Bayern the lead.

3-1 Bayern

3-1 Bayern FT. Bayern kids looked good in the second half. The game was crap overall though.

Arsenal Pre-season thread

Luca this is Arsenal only :wink:


Fucking dutch prat closed the International Champions Cup thread. OPEN IT NOW! :xhaka: @Bl1nk


Nobody cares about these games. Use the random football thread or something


Blasphemy ! :cech:


That’s cool. Thanks @Bl1nk! Apologize for abusing you :wink:


It starts in 20 minutes.


International football? :wink:

Think Atletico win this


My bad. Move it, then.




Absolutely does not need a thread.


So this is a friendly lol.


1-0 Atletico




Pre season fixtures is what the thread title says :slight_smile:


Ok, but the season has already started :wink:


Think it deserved its own thread tbh. Not a Pre season friendly


Fuck out.


Atletico bossing the game atm.
It’s gonna be difficult for Real to score now that Atletico are up.
How did Real not score here?