Pre-Season 24-25

Twitter noise suggest that we’ll be hosting the Emirates Cup once again, playing two (rumored) matches against Leverkusen and Lyon.

That would make the schedule:

July 27 - Man United (LA)
July 31 - Liverpool (Philadelphia…I will be there with my son)
Aug 7 - Leverkusen (Emirates)
Aug 11 - Lyon (Emirates)

I assume we’ll also play Boreham Wood, as we seem to do every summer, and perhaps another warm up match or two prior to the US tour. We might not have many first teamers until the tour given the summer tournaments though.


Hoping to have moved back to LA in time for the Utd game.

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going to watch the United game, but sitting at the United section… with my relatives.

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Cousin who lives in LA been messaging me constantly boasting about how he’s gonna watch the United game ffs :joy:

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Lyon love an Emirates Cup comp


Would’ve preferred to go watch the one against Leverkusen, but will be taking the kid and that’s just too late for getting back home. So Lyon it will be.

Another US fixture confirmed last night, Bournemouth in LA on July 24th.

We also have a match against Boreham Wood on July 13th, although that might be mainly U21 players and randoms. I figure we leave for the US somewhere between July 17-20th.

Getting closer!

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I’m just n the process of moving back to LA, but may not have a place in time for these upcoming friendlies.

I got hold of a couple of tickets to the Arsecast/Arsenal Vision event and if I don’t make it to SoCal by then, I can offer them to anyone who might be heading out that way.

Mind telling me what these are??

Live podcast. Gathering of Gooners. That sort of thing.

I went to a previous, similar event, albeit at a bar (I think is was either 2018 or 2019). It was a lot of fun, with a good crowd.

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I would love to go with my son, but don’t think I can make it.
Need to drive 30 miles east to pick up my son, and then drive another 30+ miles to COSM.
Thursday’s traffic is the worst in LA…

Why do you come back to hell, my brother??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I just want to move out so much.

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Me and my wife have decided to head back after four good years in Atlanta. However, my eldest boy was diagnosed as being autistic, and he is non speaking at aged six. The schools haven’t been able to provide support, so we’re looking at settling in Redondo Beach area (MB just out of our price range). Schools are apparently very good for neurodiverse kids.

The move will also benefit my wife, as her work is related to the film and TV industry.

Also, traffic is just as bad around Atlanta, with the infrastructure being piss poor, and driving ability absolutely potatoes.

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Redondo Beach is a great place to live in, but I don’t know about their school district… since it is a good area so I believe the school district should be good as well.
Don’t really think Manhattan Beach is “better”, maybe the name is :joy:

You know 2026WC is in US, so the LAX area is having lots of constructions and traffic is just terrible.

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We lived in Playa Vista last time. It was a great area to live as we really didn’t have to commute (my wife’s office building was walkable!) it could get a little The Truman Show though.

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you are just a beach person :joy:

As the resident stay-at-home dad, this could become a habit whilst the kids are at school.

Is the surf good?

have dogs/pets at home?

Nah. The two boys are more than enough.

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All the players who weren’t in the Euros or Copa seem to be back at Colney.

I imagine they’ll leave for the US in about a week with a few others joining between now and then.

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will the players from Germany and England playing in the US tour?