Pre-season 2021

I think if we give him five years, he’ll grab a point in a Premier League fixture against Man City in 2026.



Stupid money club getting what they deserve :joy::joy:

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Not sure, I assume they’ll close down the training centre too?

Let the agenda begin :grin:

What percentage of footballers and basketballers are asymptomatic ? Must be a remarkably high number.

Anyways what do we do now ? 1 match vs Spurs is it ?

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I’m not sure this matters, mate.

If you were asymptomatic and you gave me COVID, I guarantee you I get hit with it in a bad way (and I’m only a couple of years older than you). That’s not even considering the elderly and/or vulnerable you may come into contact with (through degrees of separation)

Ffs, can they schedule some new matches?
Can’t wait to see us play again.

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When is our next match?

Next Sunday although I saw somewhere we’ll schedule new friendlies in place of the Florida Cup ones.

You’re the only one who wants to watch us play


Probably, although it’s a bit weird that fellow gooners don’t want to watch us play. Why even bother being a fan of the club then?


Personally I watch Arsenal from August to May.

June and July is my two month break to do other things and come back refreshed and looking forward to watching my first arsenal game in three months come the opening day of the season in August.

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You can’t say what happens in these games doesn’t matter and then expect people to want to watch them. It mattering is the entire point of following professional sport.



@Phoebica is about to say it.

What was I about to say?

I saw you typing and thought you were gonna post this?

Oh no, I was just going to reply to you about being a masochist. You’ll watch us in any match. You’ll probably be the only one watching that stream as well :sweat_smile:

Nice of Arsenal to think about me. :relaxed:

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