Poster of the Year Award 2017

  • Burgundy
  • Craigie
  • JakeyBoy
  • Midfield_Maestro
  • Persona
  • Robin_L
  • Will24

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Who was your poster of the year in 2017? @Burgundy @Craigie, @JakeyBoy, @Midfield_Maestro, @Persona, @Robin_L, @SRCJJ, @will24



Voted for my boy @SRCJJ

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I went Craigie he’s been on fucking fire this year, really want him to win this!!


Boring trolling :xhaka: :xhaka:

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For me, it’s between you and him. But as you’re my mate, I figured you’d understand me giving SRCJJ my vote :sunglasses:


I could do with every vote possible tbh mate :slight_smile:

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You could?

Im on the verge of deleting the poll.


Think I disagreed with 1 of the 93242 posts srcjj did this year

I voted for @Craigie because the level of his posting has really develop and increased in quality the last year or two.

Burgundy’s cool too, but Craigie nails it.

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I think Burgundy is a fantastic poster don’t get me wrong he adds a lot of good content to the forums (even tho he hates me :disappointed_relieved:) but Craigie deserves it this year I think.

I didn’t want to be that dick who fakes modesty but here we go; I genuinely don’t know how I ended up on the list, but thanks nonetheless. Nice to know my la liga fanboying isn’t too bad :slight_smile:

As for me, all the other posters are entertaining and enjoyable to read so could easily vote for any one of them. @SRCJJ gets my vote though because for about 9-10 years (however long I’ve been a member) he’s always been a class poster with whom I can’t remember ever disagreeing. Definitely should’ve pursued a career as an Italian football correspondent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s because OA like to do their bit for charity… or it could be because you’re a good poster :blush:

Could put a convincing case forward for any of the posters on that list to be honest. It’s a hard category. Whoever wins, it’ll be deserving.


Always enjoy hearing what Will says in the politics section, and the football posts are always quality.


He also hates Real Farcid so that’s good :wink:

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