Positives from this season?

Yeah, yeah, we all know the negatives, but what positives can be taken from this year’s league campaign? :crazy_face:

Saka and Martineli, maybe the fa cup


That an Arsenal crowd didn’t have to witness the last 10 games


Emergence of Martinez as genuine comp for Leno


We might finally get some bunch of players we could connect with, especially Tierney.

Saka, Martinez and Martinelli but also AMN, especially if he stays and Roadman!

In the honorable mention category I think I’d include Xhaka playing competent stuff after the restart and getting rid of that absolute bum in Emery.


Not buying zaha


Just one more year in Mustafi’s and Ozil’s contract.


It’s over, well the league anyway.

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Saka, Martinelli, Saliba, and Tierney is a really, really good quartet of young players to build around.

Arteta seems to have really transformed the atmosphere around the club and the commitment level of the players.

There is still a very long way to go, but we’re heading in the right direction. You couldn’t say that under Emery or in the last 6-7 years of Wenger.


Most are mainly encouraging signs for the future:

  • Getting Arteta, who is determined to push the club forward, and not let it get complacent

  • Emergence of Saka, Martinelli and Tierney being a gem

  • Martinez showing his talent and stepping up

  • Also reaching another FA cup final, when no one gave us a chance

  • Individual player improvements compared to 1st half of the season - Cebellos, Xhaka


Arteta…I’m not his biggest fan, and I am still not convinced that he is the right man for the job, but, he seems to have instilled some sort of belief in the players.
Yes we have had some bad results recently, and some pretty dreadful performances, i.e. second half today…But overall, not too sad, lets give him next season, and see where we are at the end of that…
I like the fact that he seems to have improved the discipline, and not including Ozil and Guendouzi look like the right decision…so, good for him…As I say, lets see where we are this time next year.
At the moment though, Arteta could be good for the club…


Arteta for me but I realise not for everyone.

The young players who’ve come through.

Some, but not all, of the squad picking their performances up second half of the season in a way that looked quite improbable before Christmas.

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Saka’s emergence throughout this season, plus Saka signing a new long term deal
Martineli, who was a fantastic signing last summer and has huge potential
Tierney showing since the restart what a good player he is and his potential to be even better
Auba’s goal scoring ability
Leno’s performance during the season…
Recent form of Martinez shows we have two good GK options…
Arteta, so far so good…but let’s see how he does next season
and…not saying anything about next weekend…don’t want to tempt fate!

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A good take away is that this team if they would just damn well focus can actually play well it is no mean feat to beat Liverpool and Mancity in 1 week so even with the dregs we have got we can do it but they have to start being consistent.

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Daichi Kamada

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That is the very definition of a cup team which is what we are the moment and the consistency of our average performance is absolutely what needs to improve.

Saka + Arteta

Unai fucking Emery isn’t our manager.

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