POLL - Preferred central midfield without Santi

  • Coquelin-Xhaka
  • Coquelin-Ramsey
  • Coquelin-Elneny
  • Xhaka-Elneny
  • Xhaka-Ramsey
  • Elneny-Ramsey

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For the record, I think they’re all a bit shit.

Xhaka-Ramsey for sure, except in very tough matches.

We’re not winning anything anyway so lets at least try to be entertaining. Xhaka-Ramsey would at least give us some thrust and threat going forward in the middle, even if leaving us open to counters. Xhaka-Elneny and Xhaka-Coquelin are recipes for really boring football.


Fuck it. Go route one.

Coq and Elneny is a definite no. But out of the others, fuck knows.

I’ve been Ramsey’s biggest critic over the last couple of seasons but I have to stress he can still carve a role in our central midfield if he actually takes a step back, examine where he’s gone wrong and realise what the current Arsenal midfield needs.

It’s not too late for him to learn a new disciplined midfield role that focuses on transitions and distribution instead of clinging to all action B2B fantasy role he’ll never have at Arsenal. I’d be open to Xhaka - Ramsey but the problem is that he’s shown an outright unwillingness to learn/adapt despite a ton of evidence that’s been thrown at him since 2015 that what he’s doing is not what the team needs, yet his complaints about having a CM role persist.

I honesty don’t see the point of Ramsey being here if we don’t see some kind of evolution in the way he plays. We might as well sell and get someone more in the mould of what we need.

Might do a little research and see if I can bring some data to analyse to this thread. Will report back later :slight_smile:

Has to be Ramsey Xhaka if we want our midfield to actually play football.


In this set-up Ramsey has the actual freedom to play box2box, more similar to how he plays with Wales. But this probably won’t ever happen.


Ramsey can’t offer us something anymore. It’s like he has forgotten how to play football. Coq-Xhaka for me.

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If Xhaka is prepared to play an Alonso I like the idea of him and Ramsey tbh.

I’d pick Ramsey twice if I could

You’re gunning for a late troll of the year nomination, I take it? :grinning:

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I don’t troll… ever!

Season over then? I don’t even feel like that’s an unreasonably bitter or pessimistic question. Cazorla is that essential. And you just know we’re not going to pick up anyone in January. :imp:


Xhaka & Coquelin.

But I wanna also see Xhaka & Chamberlain.

I went Xhaka/ Ramsey but for certain matches I’d go Xhaka/ Coq, Agree with one of the posts that said we aren’t winning anything anyways so we may as well try and be entertaining.

Xhaka Ramsey has the kost potential if Ramsey stops being a prick, but that is up to him.

Otherwise, Elnenny lol

Coquelin + Xhaka are IMO the two most effective players. If you’re going to miss the genius of Santi then I don’t think you can really read too much into the best “partnership” out of the rest of them as none of them are particularly outstanding so far so I’d go for the two most effective players.

Xhaka and Iwobi :stuck_out_tongue:

Another midfielder should have been signed during the summer. It’s a joke that players like Coquelin and Elneny, are seen as good, important players.

Ramsey is slightly more interesting compared to those two, but he barely qualifies as a central midfielder these days so I can’t say I like that he’s part of this discussion either.

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Le Coq has the best ball ‘turnover’ and tackling stats, he remains a decent option to have when we’re getting overrun in midfield. Such as when we keep losing the ball there, as none of our midfielders except Cazorla can actually retain possession under pressure.

Coquelin/Elneny is ok for shutting the door when we’re comfortably up in a game. Ramsey probably offers more penetration than the others but when Giroud isn’t holding it up for him there’s little point him being in the team. His passing is also relatively shit and he loses the ball way too much for a top level player.

Xhaka’s importance is now highlighted with no Cazorla or Wilshere around for the rest of the season. Xhaka/Ramsey should be the pairing to have, if Ramsey can improve those parts of his game. As I don’t trust Ramsey anymore, for me it’s Xhaka/Coquelin.