Poll: Desktop or mobile?


Just wanna know if you are using OA more on desktop or mobile :slight_smile:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

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Sorted it @Luca_from_Italy

Going to remove your post one more time :giroud:


Feel no need to put the phone down and pick up the laptop now.


Mobile, as i still have problems with the desktop version.


I will use both. Mobile in the day. Laptop at night :sunglasses:


Desktop to write, mobile to read.


Mostly mobile at the moment, still get that message when using Chrome on my laptop. Will probably use both, and more laptop once that issue is fixed.


Interesting results so far, thanks for your feedback so far lads.


Likely both.


I voted desktop, as I’m used to at the old one. But after trying out on mobile I found it very nice, much better than I even thought. Surely it’s now more flexible and it’ll help me and may be other members also to be active more often, it’ll not be only limited to desktop/laptop time, it’s now more handy to use anywhere and at anytime.


I’ve done the vast majority of posting and browsing from my phone for years now, so that definitely won’t be changing given how discourse runs on mobile.

I’ll give the site a go on my laptop tomorrow though.


I uase both mob and desktop !


My pc is having none of OA. Avast is convinced that you’re phishing and I can’t seem to do anything about it. Tried creating exceptions etc. Been a member since 2007 or something- maybe you’ve just been playing the long game to get me!


On Desktop.
Site is super fast & I am enjoying that aspect but can you please fix a layout on Home page.
Having all different threads listed seems odd.


@DennisTheGod It’s google that is causing this. I’m guessing Avast connects into Google which is why you are getting the message. Once we remove the old forum which is what caused this in the first place we should be good.

I’m thinking of bringing forward the date to next week for the removal as this is becoming a massive issue!!


@Trion you can click Categories if you want it the old fashioned way.


I use it on my mobile a lot more, however I much prefer to visit the website on my desktop.


While at work it will be via desktop but while at home will be a bit of both. Feels good on mobile which is a pleasant surprise.


All of them equally. Desktop when available, mobile or laptop for convenience.


Chose mobile first thinking you could choose multiple answers. Fact it I use desktop as well.