couldnt find a thread for poker so this will be the one.

personally i have been into poker since i was 17 years old(im 24 now). I have been playing for personal pleasure both online and offline. i consider myself a no limit holdem specialist, particullary at 6max tables. i find the game incredible interesting on many levels. i like the psycholocial and strategical apsects of the game coupled with the fact that you can earn money, if you are on a good level.

i havent played poker for a little over a year due to studies and shit. But intend to start again again mainly focusing on smaller tournements in Casino Copenhagen and such.

Doy any of you guys play poker and what are your thoughts on the beautiful game?

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I love a good pokergame with friends, but never stake any money on it tbh.

Just playing for shits and giggles is good enough for me haha


yea a good homegame is always a good fun :smiley: Strip poker is nice too, especially with fit birds involved :henry2: