Pokemon Showdown


For anyone that is bored, this is a fan-made pokemon battle game.
You can also challenge another players so write your name is this thread. Mine is TheSpecialCnut

Personally I recommend Randoms Gen 1 Battles.

You mean, you can play other Gens as well? Gen 2 would be more fun I think, because of the extra types they introduced made it way more strategic and fun compared to Gen 1 when Psychics were OP as hell.

I’ll give you a match some time though, sounds like fun :slight_smile:

They have Gen 2 OU, but no random battles.

They do have premade teams,
http://pastebin.com/kapBbBsA One just copy paste them in to the team builders

Just battled @TheSpecialCnut during the last hour. This is really fun! Think I won 3 games to 2. Mostly really close contests. His Kangaskhan completely destroyed my team in one match. While in our final battle, I some how came back to defeat his final three Pokemon, with just my Politoad remaining, clinging on for dear life, some how winning, absolutely insane.

There is a slight element in luck of the draw as to what you receive in your team, but it makes for great battles, and a lot of tactics involved.

Definately encourage anyone who’s into the old Pokemon games to have a match up sometime, because this is really good fun :grinning: @Trion @LukeTheGooner

Awesome battles TSC, really enjoyed that.

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Un-fucking-believable, stupid immortal frog.

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Sounds like fun will have a look on friday