PL's top 5 players


People really do do that, though. One guy I know said “Is Kante really that good? He never gets any fantasy points”. He was being serious. I gave him the death stare.


De Bruyne

For the GK it has to be De Gea and defender I’d have Otemendi.

I know Eriksen went a few games where he wasn’t on form but, for me, he is their most influential player and it’s no coincidence that when he doesn’t play well, neither does the team.


Despite already naming 5, I think Ozil is above all


Entering this thread to post a top 5 on topic

De Gea, KDB, Salah, Kane… Silva I guess. In no particular order.


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To return to full normality and avoid anither full on “yesterday in the Arteta thread” moment:

Kane, Salah, KdB, de Gea and Xhaka


It’s sad that a 35m player is the punchline of this classic joke :expressionless:


I’d still take Ozil over KDB as if you swapped their clubs you’d see a big difference in Ozil with their attackers full of movement, he would properly break the assist record and to think he was 1 assist away from doing that with Giroud, Walcott and Joel Campbell lmao. Alexis still sneaks into the general top 5 because of last season he was incredible, still has decent stats so far without even ‘trying’ tho