PL's top 5 players


I typed out a list, then realised it was exactly this.

Hard to exclude Costa, on his day can bully any defence. But those 5 are truly World Class without a shadow.


Hazard ahead of Alexis? Lol wut?


This season: Costa, Alexis, Mane, Ibrahimovic, De Bruyne.

Generally: Agüero, Hazard, Özil, De Bruyne, Alexis.


2017/18 version:

  1. Mo Salah

  2. Kevin De Bruyne

  3. Eden Hazard

  4. David De Gea

  5. Harry Kane



De gea


De Bruyne


Salah on stats. De Bruyne on skill.


Kevin De Bruyne
Eden Hazard
David De Gea
Sergio Aguero
David Silva


This season Salah, KDB, Hazard, De Gea, Sterling

Generally Hazard, Alexis, Ozil, KDB, De Gea


KDB is a better footballer than Sanchez and Hazard. Best in the league in my opinion. On fantasy football he hardly gets any points, which is what some people judge him on - “stats”. But he is the guy who makes stuff happen. He is usually the guy who assists the assist. Does all the work, then someone gets a little touch and claims the assist.

Would bloody love him here. Chelsea fans must be fuming.


Basically a hockey assist specialist is what you’re trying to say.


This season:

De Bruyne
De Gea


He’s the midfielder with the highest amount of points after Salah


17/18: De Gea, Salah, De Bruyne, Sterling, Silva

General: Hazard, Alexis, Pogba, De Bruyne, Aguero


Really? Oh he has got better in that respect since I took him out then. Typical.

But, anyway, he still does a lot of the work on the pitch. As much as I would like an Arsenal player to be better than him, that just isn’t the case.


Please tell me people aren’t forming opinions on footballers based on fantasy football points… good lord :smile:


Nobody here is doing that.


@JakeyBoy ^

Nice of you to speak for everyone though.


She is saying other people do that, I am saying that nobody “here” is judging him on his fantasy football points.

You’re aware of what “here” means, right? I’m not speaking for everyone, I’m commenting on what I can read in front of me.


I was pointing out that you are the only one using the word “here”.

Go and rinse the anniversary mug out, make a tea and come back once you’ve woken up a little. :+1: