PL's top 5 players


Hey, don’t ask me, I didn’t pick Zlatan either. Though Zlatan does have legendary status in football so it’s not really a surprise to see him popping up. Kane may be on people’s lists if he carries on scoring for the next 10 years :slight_smile:


Sanchez :sanchez:
Ozil :ozil:
Walcott :facepalm:

Koscielny :grinning:

Cazorla :santi:
[/quote]I think Walcott is completely wrong, it should be Barcelona bound Ramsey, every neutrals favourite :wink:






Because Kane has thus far failed to show he has anything other than ability to succeed domestically. He was a massive flop at consecutive European championships (u21 and senior) and last I recall Spurs miserably exited the CL at the group stages.

I rate Kane - I’m just not convinced he’s world class just yet.


Domestic form is the best indicator of a player’s quality. He’s scored over 20 league goals over the last two seasons and is highly likely to do it again this season at the age of 23 - that’s world class for me. One of the best No 9 in Europe currently.

If you’re looking International performances aswell why is Costa getting alot of mentions on people’s list? He played a key role Spain’s terrible 2014 WC campaign, he made no impact whatsoever as starting striker.

Spotty goal scoring record in Euro 2016 qualifying and he didn’t even make the provisional squad for the actual tournament due to his poor domestic form - Giroud outscored last season ffs. I don’t see any reason why he’s rated ahead of Kane as a top PL player.


Based on this season only:

Alexis, Hazard, De Bruyne, Özil, Coutinho

If it’s more general, the list picks itself:

Alexis, Hazard, De Bruyne, Özil, Agüero

Top 10 list might be a bit more interesting…


Personally, I think Costa and Kane are slightly different players. Kane is great in front of goal and I know he does sometimes drop deep, but for me, I find him a little one dimensional, whereas Costa’s movement off the ball is often brilliant. Costa is also a bully - which I think every team needs, he uses his physicality well and can creates space for his team mates and thus is more likely to get an assist than Kane.

But each to their own. Would be boring if we all had the same opinion.


Alexis, Ozil, Hazard, Costa, Aguero.


If you asked me any other season he would have been a lock in for the number 1 spot.

Not as good this season IMO


De Bruyne


Love Ozil, but above Costa this season is pretty absurd.


Harry Kane has to be in the mix I would have thought, will likely become the 1st player since Henry to score 20 + league goals in 3 consecutive seasons if I’m not mistaken ?


Weird subject as you kinda have to do two.

Aguero, Alexis, Hazard, Ozil, KDB. For me in general.

This season, maybe:

Alexis, Costa, Hazard, Pogba, Coutinho? I dunno.

Pogba has underperformed, but still been class.


Might just be me but I think Lallana’s been Liverpool’s best player this season.



Most improved would be Victor Moses by a mile.


Before his injury, Coutinho was Liverpool’s best player but while he was out Lallana has taken over.
But Lallana is certainly a top player.


Some other cunt, i don’t know.


1 Aguero
2 Hazard
3 Alexis
4 Ozil
5 De Bruyne


Nah, not for me mate. As good as Coutinho’s been I think it’s been between Mané & Lallana personally and the latter just edges for me, for making Liverpool tick & arguably being the best number 8 (bagged 7 goals 6 assist from 15 games from Cm) in the league so far this season.