Players who didn't fulfill their potential/expections at Arsenal?


Yeah, everyone and their momma has “potential”.

There are definitely some players that could have achieved a great deal more in different environments and conditions though.

Rosicky, Reyes, Eduardo, Wilshere and Anelka are the ones that spring to mind for me.


Ah yes. The one where Drogshit was offside and it came off his knee in a 1-0 defeat.

It was the first time they’d beaten us in the league in 10 years


That man really hurt us. Glad he’s gone



What happened to frimpong? One minute he was meant to be the next thing and now I haven’t heard of him in about 4 years…


I remember when we had Cole and Campbell and had to get rid of one of them and Graham decided to keep Campbell.

Although Campbell was decent he was nowhere the quality of Cole, who was great for both Newcastle and Man U.


I swear I remember rumours that Cole was a thief and that had something to do with his exit. I can’t be the only one who has heard that.

Any of the Gooner OGs able to shed more light?


Sorry to just pick one name out of your list like this but what exactly what this guy’s potential? He was signed as cover for an 18 year old Anelka and an aging Ian Wright for a few hundred thousand quid.

He did exactly what I would have expected of him by chipping in two crucial goals (winners against Wimbledon and Bolton) in the run in 98 that made us champions.


Yeah vaguely something to do with stealing a wallet or money out of one in changing room. Something like that I seem to remember.


Graham moved Andrew Cole on because of his attitude in training and his whole attitude around the club . That’s what my aging brain can remember. I don’t remember anything about a wallet .


Think he’s part of Lethal Bizzle’s entourage now…


I know it’s purely cos of your Arsenal connection and maybe this forum, but I absolutely love the fact that a white, American dad of two knows who Lethal Bizzle is :joy:

(could be a bit of creative licence being taken with how many kids you have, but I think you’ve specified it, maybe even in your recent response to me about race issues)


I have 3 boys. And I’ve been listening to hip-hop longer than you’ve been alive… so slow your roll there, Sunny Jim.


Too many. I wouldn’t say that they turned bad, but we had some real talents in here that could’ve been at the top of the world if not for circumstances or attitude issues.


Yeah I’ve picked up from your posts that you’re a long time Hop Hop fan, but the amusing thing is that he’s from the UK scene and not even particularly active (or at least not notably anymore) these days, and I wouldn’t call his work Hop Hop either really. That’s just kinda amusing to me, it wasn’t a slight on your tastes :slightly_smiling_face:


This is gonna be a long ass thread because you can pretty much make an argument for every player since 2007 or so, nobody has fulfilled their potential. Except maybe Cesc, Santi, Özil, and Alexis. Shorter thread would be who has actually fulfilled their potential.


Do people remember how desperately Frimpong wanted Deench to stick?


Ozil will end up in here.


Ozil hasn’t fulfilled his, no chance.


Wut? Lol he’s been at the tops for assists in all of Europe pretty much his entire time here, and that’s playing with mostly mediocre strikers and an even worse supporting cast all around him. Özil came and ended our trophy drought too. Arsenal legend imo, especially considering how he’s kept this floundering club somewhat successful and relevant pretty much all on his own. His back must be really tired by now carrying these baddies for all these years.