Players who didn't fulfill their potential/expections at Arsenal?

So I made a similar thread to this on the old Forum, but seems like a good time to bring it back again, after how things have developed in recent seasons.

So, whether it’s someone recent, in way in the past, what players you feel never really lived up to expections when they signed for us or didn’t fully develop their talents during their time at Arsenal?

I’ll start off with this guy.

Spent a decade at the club, a real credit to Arsenal. But injuries completely ruined his career and while he scored some unforgetable goals and assists, we really missed out on his abilities during his early years here when he was really at this best.


Carlos Vela

One of those players who loved the game but didn’t love it as a job.
Had all the attributes but was too immature to be a professional.

PS - What a lovely shirt that was.
The shade of red was really rich and looked great on telly.


Reyes, albeit he wasn’t that shit for us. He did his good job.

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Arshavin. Came in under massive hype and expection after all the transfer drama. Had a great first season with us, especially the 4 goals an Anfield. But he was never in Arsenes good books, mainly due to him not wanting to run around so much, the lack of work ethic put him down on the bench far more than he should’ve been.

Sometimes you needed a bit of magic in the team, but he just never found a role within the team that suited him. I was disappointed the move never really worked out. Forever grateful to him scoring that winner against Barcelona.

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Abou Diaby


Jose Reyes for me. Seen an Arsenal compilation of him a while ago. He was so talented and looked to have every ingredient needed to succeed. Shame about the homesickness and the Real Madrid situation by that dodgy radio station.



I have to put Henry, now hear me out. Imagine if he stayed how many more goals he could have had and under him with some of the talent we had we might have won something. I just feel as much as he had the right to leave etc there was soooooooooo much more that we missed out on, look how he much he won at Barca but he was sorta on the outskirts of the team and sometimes played as a winger instead of a striker he could have been first choice for us and banging in 30-40 goals a season and could have been our elite striker for many more years. I always see Henry and love what he did for us but it could have been so so much more and it saddens me. I always feel he left JUST as he was really really hitting his stride he knew our team inside out and i honestly think he could have started doing messi type figures each season if he stayed.

Lets not forget Adebayor…if he didnt believe his own hype got his head down fucking worked without being a twat he wouldnt be a journeyman that no one wants now.

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Serious? I that it it was pretty clear he wasn’t going to be a top striker.

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He left because he felt like he couldn’t win what he wanted (= Champions League), or not on the short term at least, with us.

Since the obvious picks have been taken I’ll mention Vermaelen (looked class at the beginning, never looked the same after the injury for some reason).

Alex Song

Thought he was brilliant in 11/12 then left for Barca’s bench. Why the fuck did Barca even want him?!


Eduardo. The cunt from Birmingham that broke his leg ruined his career, he was never the same again :frowning: Love how supportive Arsenal fans were to him on the night he scored for Shaktar.

Never forgot that peach of a finish against Burnley in the cup.


Nah Henry doesnt belong on such a list imo. I think you have to judge this by what they did (or didn’t do rather) during their time at the club.

Ill go with fox in the box Franny J.

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Says didnt fulfill their potential, and to me i feel Henry had much much more to offer us so in my eyes he didnt.

I guess we’re going to ignore becoming the club’s all time leading goal scorer as some how not fulfilling potential :gunnersaurus:


I see what you’re saying, I just disagree. Strongly.

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Any striker who can’t score twenty league goals with Ozil behind them ain’t fulfilling their potential as far as I’m concerned.

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But in order too fullfl potential one has to have potential to fullfil. Giroud doesn’t.

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As good as Hleb was for us between 05-08 I can’t help but feel he was just hitting his stride before he left for Barca’s bench. The dumb bastard.