Players who didn't fulfill their potential/expections at Arsenal?


Yeah I feel that midfield of 2007/08 could’ve developed into something lethal given time. Such a shame that Hleb left us when he did :confused:


I would say Aleksandr Hleb is by far the most underrated loss of talent I’ve seen as an Arsenal fan (that’s only 16-17 years so maybe not saying a great deal).

The fact that he became absolutely nothing since then is just bewildering to me. Whatever personal problems and poor relations he had with Guardiola, plus the injuries he picked up after ditching us totally fucked him. He’s a prime example of a player that threw it all away on his own. I suppose his main downfall in his prime was the fact he was a pretty shit human being. By the time he realised his stupidity it was already too late. Lost his quickness, his pace, his elusiveness and couldn’t fit in anywhere other than Arsene’s Wengerball.

As a player for us he was too technical for the average Joe to understand. All people could think about was the fact that he wouldn’t take enough shots, rather than his remarkable creative, dribbling and retention abilities. I couldn’t think of anyone in the second half of Wenger’s tenure I would rather have playing RW for us right now if we could pluck him out of 2007/08 into the present time through a time machine.

Such a unique wide playmaker. We’ll rarely see that kind of streamlined left-footed player nowadays.


Several players look like they’ll be shown the door over the Summer, seems fitting therefore to bump this.

It feels like there’s been too many players at Arsenal in recent years that didn’t live up to the potential or hype in the way that they should’ve.

Jack Wilshere for example surely going to go down as one that really could’ve done so much more here. But being so damn inury ridden really damahed his development, missing two full seasons and then loaned off to Bournemouth last season, just wasn’t the vision any of us could’ve possibly imagined, when he was bossing things against Barcelona in 2011.


I think what really has limited players is Wenger himself. I don’t know if he has been told by the board to be harsher with nonperformers (look at how well the players performed at the end of the season) maybe you will find more focused players this season. There are a lot of players that talk about the title and wanting to win it but in reality, dont put enough effort in and Wenger is a big part of the problem. Most managers would sell slackers or bench them but not Wenger the players them constantly and they have fuck all pressure on them to perform at a high level. Hopefully, the powers that be will tell some of them to piss off now, Walcott etc can do one sick of the twat jogging around the pitch looking like a constipated t-rex!


Ah I wondered why Cristo liked a post of mine from September lol. Thought Cristo was either bored af going through old threads or someone bumped the thread.

So he was bossing Barca at the age of 9?
Impressive! :wink:


Absolutely love this guy to bits… so sad injuries really blighted his career with us.


Many of our players should take notice from him on how to love the club.