Player ratings?


Just something I have thought about for some time. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a rating system for all the players who played in the last game? Like 1-5? A vote/poll that would only be open to participate in for like 24 hours after the game?

Would be interesting to see which player ends up having the best average rating from us OA members at the end of the season. Who becomes our OA player of the year :wink:


Interesting thought. Though a year ago we had a company that offered a similar thing about rating players and matches, which we trialed for a few games and found a) It wasn’t being used much and b) Was seperating discussion from the match in two places. So after a few games we scrapped it for good. So we definately won’t be seeing any kinda of post game player ratings.

However over the past two seasons, @I_W has done polls on Player and Goal of the Month instead, which worked well. I have no idea if he plans to continue that on here, but if people want it again, I’m sure we’ll be seeing it again :slight_smile:


The way we play at the moment we should probably start the grading scale at -5 instead of zero.

Though Wenger would come out and say that’s great in golf or some shit.