Player of the season 22/23

I think Odegaard wins it cause Saka went missing during the last third of the season. I do badly think Saka needs some competition on that right side and someone who can step in for a few games when Saka needs a rest.

I never once looked at giving it to anyone in defence. We’re still have major issues back there even with Saliba that badly needs sorting out especially at home. Even Zinchencko worries me at left back in his defensive play.

Odegaard for me, had the odd few games he went missing in but for large parts of season stood up and put in some great peformances. Adding goals to his game also helped him. My Player of the season.

I voted Odegaard on the AFCi POTS

I think the same as you, has stood up and put in some great performances

I omitted Odegaard because him and Partey went missing when it really mattered.
It’s mad because he’s my favourite player but man his drop off games are ridiculously low.


That’s an interesting perspective.

To me it’s actually Odegaard who went missing in two ways: as a captain in the last third of the season and as a footballer between January - March when Saka was carrying our team all alone.


I did this but Partey instead of Saka. Actually pretty much in order.

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Ode, Saka, Martinelli, Rambo, Saliba. Hard to choose, though.

To be real none of these guys have been flawless, they have all had some poor periods people will talk of Saka but there has been a big drop off since the WC from him and he’s not alone.

Overall it’s Odegaard for me or Martinelli but leaning more towards Ode who was a beast particularly away from home and that means a lot in this league.


Ramsdale and Odegaard

The rest

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Probably Saka, Ödegård, Ramsdale, White & Saliba.

not a strong opinion tho.

No love for Martinelli? :henry:

Alot of people weren’t convinced about his progression, but he absolutely exploded in terms of production

Easily the most improved player in the squad

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lots :sweat_smile: just went for one in each position. And who am I going to leave out here anyways lol

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4th in this with 50% of votes but suddenly in the Raya thread it’s like he was wank for months :smiley:

Partey round 2.


Exactly the same here

Very good shout. Crucial to that amazing start to the season.

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