PL Title Race 23/24

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That’s undeniable. Liverpool and Arsenal have been forced to a much higher standard. What makes City’s run to these titles even easier is the fact that Chelsea, Man Utd, Spurs, Newcastle etc have fallen by the wayside while only Liverpool and us have risen. There’s a gross lack of competition combined with City being incredible. As far as the rivalries side of it they only have one in United who are finished.

And what adds to it is that fans of Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, United, Spurs have all grown up with rivalries so deep against each other that we want to see each other flop badly. Aside from local United fans this is simply not the case with City. City are effectively taking care of the opposition for all these rival fans because most people barely know any City fans. The reaction to the last two seasons of us falling short from rival fans everywhere speaks volumes. Even now I would rather see City winning it than Liverpool because I just can’t get around the idea of their fans getting one over us and how Liverpool winning it would reflect on us. But all this stuff just clears the path a little more for City.

The league really needs all of these teams chasing to become much much better. These 90+ point title races indicate a very uncompetitive league.

In Arsenal’s case we simply can’t afford moments where we lose/draw back to back games to the likes of West Ham and Fulham. There were too many points dropped in the first half of the season to topple a machine like City.


I think that’s his shtick. Actually I think that’s all the Guardian columnist’s collective shtick. Just being contrary and “intellectual”.

Its ok we can share it :handshake:

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Having had a very real shot to win the title after so long, finding it hard to come to terms it may already have shattered last night. Clinging onto the hope of a final day Moyes dinosaur football masterclass :four_leaf_clover:


As hard as it is to see it happening we still have to, because it’s possible. I really don’t like having to wait until Sunday though let’s just get this over with.


Bayern and now this. Anymore confident predictions you got to get off your chest before next season? :joy:


Need you to say “City will beat West Ham, book it”, mate.


Perfectly lining himself up to confidently predict a Man City title win on Sunday :eyes:

I’ve lost all credibility haven’t I ?

Putting out there now City will win the league next season. :sweat_smile:


hopefully from league 2

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Underrated point. We’ve become more flawless and consistent because we know the standard required to succeed.

Look at how ruthless we’ve been with teams this season. We’ve dominated every team in the top six, including City and we’ve absolutely thrashed teams in the middle like Palace, West Ham and Chelsea.

Wait til we get some proper reinforcements. We’re a monster of team now.

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Did City have a game like us against Newcastle??

Please (sevchenko) confidently say West Ham will lose :sweat_smile:

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If West Ham can get a draw, I’ll donate to Sev’s charity :slight_smile:


whatever happens on Sunday we can be proud of our Arsenal, we’ve gone toe to toe with the corruptest club on the world for 2 seasons and we’ve gone about it the right way unlike them, it’s only a matter of time until we win the league and I reckon the floodgates will be opened after that, we could dominate the league under Arteta, also get a few other cups along the way and hopefully the Champions league also :slight_smile:



West Ham fans are weirdly optimistic that they can get something out of the game, even a win.

Not sure if they’re just scarred with their team’s inconsistency and unpredictability.