PL Title Race 23/24

12 games to go with 2 points separating the top 3. Who do you think will win the league this year ? On Paper City has the hardest run in but pretty sure they are the Favorite one for fourth title in a row.

Arsenal have three difficult games left in their remaining 12 games, Spurs, City and United all away so we should still manage to get around 85 points, but then again you never know with Arsenal, they can always lose some silly points.

Did my calculations which can obv be wrong but thats how it might end

Arsenal Liverpool Man City
Current Points 58 60 59
Week 27 3 3 3
Week 28 3 1 1
Week 29 3 3 3
Week 30 0 3 3
Week 31 3 3 3
Week 32 3 1 3
Week 33 3 3 3
Week 34 3 1 1
Week 35 1 1 3
Week 36 3 3 3
Week 37 1 1 1
Week 38 3 3 3
Final 87 86 89

Run in

Who will win the Premier League 23/24?

  • Arsenal
  • Liverpool
  • Man City

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I still think Wolves away and Brighton away are places we could come unstuck.

The home run is really good. I was concerned about Chelsea but, after yesterday, they already look like a beaten club.


Nice one, poll added + remaining fixtures @Bilalkhan_01


Some very interesting match rounds left. It’s very hard to call.

But it’s time. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal.


We need to be near flawless to win the league I’d say, win all the home games, draw at the Etihad and probably one other draw.


To be fair, it’s shaping up to be the same for all 3 of us in that respect. Whoever ends up on top after 38 games will have certainly earned it.

I personally think City are favourites. They have the pedigree to churn out ridiculous win streaks. Hard not to back them with their recent history.


I’m desperate for us to win it, but sadly I think it’ll be City again :pensive: :rambo:


We can’t be dropping points at OT if we want to come out on top. Spurs are a much better side so will accept a potential draw there.

Wolves away really is that awkward fixture that could cost us.

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The way we are playing at the moment, ruthlessly taking our chances and giving almost nothing away at the back…fuck what the pundits and other fans think. We can do this.

Doesn’t feel like last season where you could almost sense it slipping away when the Saliba and Tomiyasu injuries happened. Rob Holding in defence ffs. We very obviously looked nervous and vulnerable. City hit 6th gear and then the Etihad result happened. We didn’t use our squad well, we didn’t peak at the right time. Fatigue and fear crippled us.

But this season we are the ones kicking into top gear right when it matters. Immense in the big games. We’ve taken 7 points from 9 out of City and Liverpool. We are the ones who knock.


I agree.

Would massively help if we have the full squad available from March till the end. Partey, Tomiyasu, Jesus, maybe even Timber.

Here’s hoping our injuries woes are behind us. :crossed_fingers:


Yeah well only 2 points separates the top 3, so I agree, no one has much margin for error and all are probably thinking we need to be close to flawless from here to win…

Liverpool vs City
City vs Arsenal

In March massive games if they have a winner.


Man City are still favourites because they’re done it before with the best squad and although Liverpool are on a good run and have just won a trophy, their injuries and fixtures are piling up.

The big difference from last season is that we have learned from our mistakes so we have more strength in depth and more experience.

On MOTD, when Wright was asked if we could win the title, he said “of course, otherwise what’s the point,” which is the same winning mentality that Arteta has.
This attitude is what we’ve lacked for too long, preferring to settle for the top four trophy.

We’re third favourites which is good because the pressure is on Man City and Liverpool but what ever happens, we’re a lot better equipped than last season so it will be a lot closer than some of the pundits are saying.


It remains to be seen whether we have learned from our mistakes or if we can solve new problems. This run of form came after we were pretty much ruled out of the title race.

It’s a different kind of pressure compared to when you’re in the last leg of the season and can almost taste a title but your fatigued and carrying injuries and have to win.


I’m ruling us out purely because we bottled 4th two seasons ago, and then bottled the title last season.

We still have that bottle in us, as witnessed by the Fulham and West Ham losses which would have us top of the table by a few points if we actually had some mettle.

Don’t get me started on the first UCL knockout round in like 7 years where we couldn’t even get a shot on target lol This run of form recently has been insane but when the chips are down in a few weeks I unfortunately can imagine a scenario where we shit the bed with a couple of losses in quick succession to lesser teams.

Couple that with City always going on 10-12 game win streaks at this time in the season and Liverpool’s experience + the hoodoo/story surrounding Klopp’s last season etc and I do think it’ll be very very difficult for us to overcome those two.

I think it’ll be city in the end, as that injury list for Liverpool is a doozy.


I think we might see something unreal from all three teams. Such competition for a title could well spur them all to perform to an even higher level knowing that any mistake is getting punished by one or both of the rivals.

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For me, aside from the head-to-heads, I think the fixtures on April 6th and May 11th (for all 3 sides) are going to prove to be pivotal, especially when you consider how TV scheduling may reareange those particular games.

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I think the next two fixtures are massive.
We win both and Liverpool and City draw with each other then we’re top of the table and that puts pressure on them in their next fixture which is a tricky away trip to Everton for Liverpool and Brighton away for City.

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I attach very little likelihood to Brighton or Everton getting anything in those games.

I think we’ll see a winner in the City / Liverpool game. A draw doesn’t really cut it for either team and I can’t see either settling for one.

We will go top on March 9/10th or 16/17th before the result at Ethihad changes/consolidates that.

Tottenham & United away will be where we need to avoid slipping.