PL clubs keen for Saturday night fixtures

For the next contract though so not for a few years yet

No thanks. I always have plans Saturday night. Saturday afternoon is perfect.


Alright, don’t rub it in… some of us are losers with no social life :santi:

With our Thursday night European schedule we won’t have to worry about Friday or Saturday night games anyway.


Good news for America, bit awkward for Asia, who even cares about the few thousand that travel to the matches anyway


Absolute shafting for match going fans as usual.

It would actually benefit me as I have my daughter on Saturday afternoons so I can’t get to games currently but most people don’t want to be travelling at those times, especially away fans

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Saturday night fixtures dont seem that sensible. Fans will either be well tanked up before matches or not turn up at all probably

Can you imagine the Met being asked to deal with Tottenham / Arsenal at 7:30 on a Saturday night? :grimacing: I think we can safely say any questionable fixtures are going to be rejected for that time slot, whatever the TV companies request


It’s not a win as far as I’m concerned. I get all my football watching done before noon, and have the rest of my Saturday to do stuff with the family.

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They really can’t leave things alone can they? The current arrangement is fine as it is. Besides, we get our evening games mid week, I really don’t want to have to wait all day for Football on weekends. Ultimately it’s the fans who travel to the games that are going to be worst off, but then the people at the top, made that clear some time ago that TV schedules and money come first before the welfare of the fans…


As someone with not much of a life I don’t mind Saturday night games. :slight_smile:

As @Robin_L rightly points out there would be limits on the type of games they could show in that timeslot. I’m not sure the sums will add up for the TV companies on this one. I don’t think its a case of more games = more subscriptions, I think the type of games have to be right. Imagine the thrills of a Saturday consisting of Everton v Newcastle, united v stoke and west brom v burnely…nah I won’t be watching that either. And certainly not paying for it.

I second that :slight_smile:

I think it’s going to set up the teasing possibility for a team who has played in the Europa league on the Thursday to be able to play on the Saturday night.

It’s not something I agree with, I think the recuperation time of 48h is nothing (As has been proven by lifeless, low scoring games over the festive period) but I can see the PL doing this very soon

Everton won’t be able to play Saturday evenings.
Rooney will be too drunk.


seems to have mislaid them famous pyjamas last week according to the papers today.


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Bring back the good old 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon kick offs .
Even more so with the FA Cup .
Nothing worse than having to wait until Monday evening to watch the game even worse playing Saturday lunchtime and losing . It make the weekend depressing .
Back to 3 for me !


Eventually there will either be no 3pm Saturday games or the ban on those being televised will be lifted.

The Emirates is beautiful at night so why not