Pictures of OA members


Look, usually I’d back you in these types of situations but this is just a bridge too far.

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Sorry Joshua :pensive:

“Must try harder”, as my teachers constantly said

Every chance Cristo will oblige. He’s king of the #humblebrag :sunglasses:

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I got socks for Valentine’s. :cristo:


Came up on my memories today - probably my favourite picture from my trip to Bali, which was just one of the best holidays I had.

I tried to do snorkelling but me and the water don’t get along so I lasted about 15 minutes before I caved in.

2019 was one of the best years I’ve had in terms of travelling so I hope 2020 can match that or even exceed it.


Unless your socks have an OA account, that’s not a picture of an OA member.

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Haha, I thought you went against going Bali? It’s probably my favourite holiday abroad I’ve had. Really nice place.

Did I say I was? Haha, I booked it ages ago and went in November last year and had an amazing time.

There were elements of it I didn’t like, but all in all I’d put it up there just behind Vegas and Dubai as my favourite holidays. Probably level with Rio.

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I can post my member too no problem


What kind of weirdo is against going to Bali and why?

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Man like SRCJJ oooshhh

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Godlike aesthetic

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Ah maybe that was for your honeymoon? I think I recommended it back then as a possible destination.

I loved the place because it’s detached mostly from the western world and you can feel it in the culture there. The place we stayed in was amazing too, so that probably helped haha.


If that was last year, what the fuck would you look like now

Suns out, gunbeatables out


Absolutely Nestle Shreddies

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Maybe Eric Dier was running away from @SRCJJ :open_mouth:

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such a poser :xhaka: :henry2:

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Oh you are a doctor.
Keep up the good work my friend


champion :+1: