Pictures of OA members


@JakeyBwoy i bet you told her how much you wield your BanHammer :rofl:


Not a competition brother, we are all in this shit together haha.


Brothers in arms. Ride together die together.


End up divorcees together :facepunch:


We can have an OA bachelor pad together with blackjack and hookers and 70” 4K TVs and fifa tournaments


Very cool bro! Congratulations!


Oooft Pura khalsa e lagda.

Like Trion said I had no idea you were brown, lol thought you were black or white :arteta:

Big congrats looking like a BOSS


Lol phatteh chak ditte


Is that a sword? That’s a fucking sword! That’s badass.




It’s a sword. Yes Punjabis are badasses the blessed fucks.


Fuck me, Sol you’re a sexy beast! That outfit is dope as fuck.


I on the other hand… am not a sexy beast. Just beastly.


You have your beard grown recently :wink:


You look like a fun fucking guy to have a few beers with haha


Well… come on out to the pacific northwest! We’ll toss back a few and I’ll regale you with tales of my youth. Filled with near death experiences, airborne pickup trucks, punk shows, and growing up a skate punk in suburban Dallas, Texas.


I’ve been to Portland Oregon before, want to make it up to Seattle next time also.


I actually live in Olympia (about 100 km south). Seattle is funny… the Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, and Pike St Market are all cool. But it’s kind of hard to find the good stuff. Let me know and I’ll send you to the couple of gems I’ve found.

There’s a lot of really good music… but you have to know where to go. Any of the indie record shops up on Capitol Hill should be able to point you in the right direction. There are a lot of really good electronica bands if you’re into that. “Ruler” is the big local band on all the podcasts now.


You look like you need coffee.


I was listening to a Bloomberg podcast talking about the huge political tensions in Seattle right now with the proposed Head Tax etc.

The reporter was at a townhall style meeting in some suburb and she said the anger and vitriol was so real that she was almost worried the stage was going to get rushed and the city council members attacked.