Pictures of OA members


Thats actually cool af. There are literally thousands of people with your pic on their shelves somewhere haha.


Ah fuck it, I’m gonna do it again


^^^ that’s cool and all but do you have one with Theo? He’s much more prolific than Pires.


Ah look, it’s Jake with a fan.


Surely you cant keep them likes @JakeyBoy for a double post.


Double? That’s very generous of you mate, if we include the old forum it’s got to be at least the sixth time I’ve posted that photo.


I don’t think I’ve seen it before, you even look like him a bit, you could be his younger cousin or something!


Oh fucking calm down already, he gets enough love for that pic as it is


there there handsome :cristo:

He doesn’t dress nearly as classy as you do luv <3


Ohhh stop it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Oh I see, just because for once we aren’t talking about what a handsome bastard you are you gotta be a hater

Back off bitch :nail_care:


I thought jakey looks more like RVP here.


Yeah, he’s moving to Redcafe at the end of the season.


Nah thats @Luca_from_Italy


Keep up that kind of chat and you’ll be released on a free transfer


Just you watch, Now Phoebica is gonna act up for the reason of the season, its all starting to go pearshaped!


The real question we have to answer is does the hunger index increase or decrease when you have a short contract or a long contract?


Re post this picture anymore and OA will end up on Dave.


Oh my gawd. Youre all grown up! :rofl:
I wanna see a pic of Sara! Is she still here? She must be all grown up too! :smile::heart:


Woah, Sosh!

Someone pinch me.