Pictures of OA members


Congratulations loving the pics :+1:t4:


Congrats dude, you and and Mrs. SRCJJ look absolutely amazing.

Could you share any more pics of the ceremony in the initial photo? :slight_smile: Is it Moroccan by any chance?


Ah mate these are gorgeous photos. Seriously, nice one. Hope im as blessed as you one day. :+1:t2:


You and the Mrs look absolutely cracking mate. Very happy for you :blush:


Thank you boys. Lot of work went into it and the week leading into was probably the busiest and most stressful week of my life lol. I still found time for OA and Arsenal though. Priorities :pray:t3:


Congratulations mate! I also got married just over 4 weeks ago myself so know exactly how stressful and draining the whole experience is! You and the missus make a lovely couple, best of luck for the future my friend.


You’re old enough to get married?!

@SRCJJ Yeah those pictures are sick, your wedding looks like it was amazing. Congratulations!


Last week would have been a perfect week to take off as far as Arsenal was concerned. Congrats btw.


Who me? I’m 28 Cristoff, ain’t no spring chicken!


Yeah I forgot you’re as old as me.

I guess I’ve been on OA for so long now that I forget 8 years have passed since I joined and that we’ve all gotten older along with it haha


My mans got him a sista :per:

Congrats fam bron boy

When I touch down in England, you gonna have to give me the hook up with some of ya wife’s friends kobe


Miles, I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to make hitting on strangers you’ve seen in photos on the internet seem not creepy at all but cool as fucking anything…


Congrats @SRCJJ, brilliant photos mate.




Years of practice Gio :wenger:

Years of practice my Yakubian friend tiger


Not sure if I posted one on the old OA, if not, it’s overdue!


You look like Matt Damon a bit.


Facebook threw this up this morning from 4 years ago. If you squint you can see me making myself available for the ball twice (the two guys in green boots)

Yesterday I was checking the release date for the new mobile game and it reminded me of this, so I bought a copy for a quid as I didn’t want to shell out for it at the time and the tight cunts didn’t give us a free copy.

Haven’t thought about it in years so was weird to have it at the top of my timeline this morning.


That really you on the cover?? How did that come about? So random.


That would honestly be the most random, pointless lie ever :rofl:

Few years ago I worked for an ad agency for a while, they had Sports Interactive as a client. I went along to the shoot and one of the people meant to be on the cover didn’t turn up so they needed someone to fill In, as the junior bitch that ended up being me. Can’t say I was complaining exactly.

They also had Arsenal as clients which is how I ended up meeting Bobby Pires and being in the season ticket campaign/adverts.

It’s all quite surreal looking back lol