Pictures of OA members


Bravo on the shirt. Truely.


top photo my friend.


ashley cole is looking tanned


I’m not stupid enough to answer that :slight_smile:


I have that shirt since before I was a teenager. Only very recent that its fit me again. I used to love tucking the collar in, back in the day Wrighty used to do that when he wore that shirt. :slight_smile:


Brave chav fan on the left there joining in the celebrations :grinning:


You’ve done well mate judging by a pic on the older OA iirc :+1:


Ha are you a ticket inspector?


Nah Track Protection coordinator is the term.


I thought that @shamrockgooner was bald, or was that @Mysty ?


Might be @JakeyBoy, think he buzzed the lot off at one point.


oh I know what Jakey looks like


[quote=“LukeTheGooner, post:392, topic:588”]
or was that @Mysty ?

I’m not totally bald, yet…


Could be TA#6 you’re thinking of


was a few weeks ago the photo was posted, wasn’t 100% percent bald like TA6


I had a really shit 30th birthday last year treating a torn Achilles tendon, so I decided to spoil myself this year and celebrated prematurely by spending the weekend in Italy.

This is me at the Cinque Terre.
Enough of this :stuck_out_tongue:


Arms on point


Its years since I last posted a pic, only ever been baldy by choice :slight_smile:


I will scroll back up the page later on and see who it was :slight_smile:


the new Hulk Hogan