Pictures of OA members


:xhaka: I am not Cocktor @Persona :wink: :hipster:


You are well in there now Shamrock!! :campbell: :cech:


I’m starting to think you’re in love with me… stop being in denial :sunglasses:


True enough…I’ve been fighting this asian fetish of mine for many years now, but in the end we are who we are.


If I didn’t already have a male life partner I might be interested. Sorry @Luca_from_Italy


What a weird and wondrous place this is :mustafi:


I’d be down for some lite crushing of my mansack.



Oh, as you’re being a traitor, I’m going to post my picture from earlier too. This was before we got to Baker Street and had to go to pubs across the road from each other - “Arsenal fans only” “Chelsea fans only”. We got the cheaper one :grin:


Sent from Arsenal FC


When you bump into your mum in a pub…


Me and the lads partying it up after our big win :joy:


Are they your children?


Which one is you?


Yes they are maybe a little hard to tell cause fortunately for them they look like their mom. Don’t let the innocent act fool you, they are savages :grin:


It was more that they are cute and you’re not…


Which one is better looking?


:joy:Like I said, lucky they look like mom!!


Great dad you are!


13 time FA Cup champions. THE Arsenal