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Yeah saw that and was contemplating buying it. Can’t really see myself wearing it on runs though, which is what I use the shirts for mainly.

The green away kit is the best kit imo.

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Surely you can understand why others might hate it lol

Not really no, I’m into the quirky away kits, I even really liked the white one we had a few years back when people moaned about white being spurs :sweat_smile:

Squiggly lines all over it is a pretty solid reason as to why someone might think it’s ugly.

You don’t like tigers or Zebra either? :sweat_smile:

It went well with the moron shorts tbh


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I see what you did there

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This was a nice kit. I hated the marble patterning on the more recent white away kit we had.

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I loved our maroon stage with the kits.

Had that full maroon shirt with Bergkamp 10 on the back (naturally), my ex inherited it when I moved out along with a load of other old kits :slightly_frowning_face:

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