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My brain immediately read that as “Coronavirus” and I was like wtf. :santi:

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Well you can get Corona beer and it tastes like it’s got a virus


A good guinness is meant to have a creamy head that is meant to follow the drink all the way down and stick to the glass at the end of the pint:

temperature, a clean head, and the level of creaminess (determined somewhat by the amount of the drink that sticks to the glass after each sip. Colloquially known as ‘Shtick’) for a start.

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Its obviously drinkable outside of Ireland but you won’t get a better pint than you do in Ireland. Thats just simple facts.

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Haha literally never heard of that before although I obviously get it.

its weird i thought it was a saying that was a part of loving Guinness over there. I got to know about it from the guinness guru which i occasionally watch on Youtube. He made it sound like the saying was sort of like a part of irish life especially if you loved a pint of guinness.

I don’t disagree but based on a friend that has been to St James Gate and had it at Brickstore Pub there isn’t much of a difference.

Brickstore Pub is one of the best pubs/bars in the US. Great food and an incredible beer selection (and whisky and scotch).

Guinness is served exactly as @Maverick79 described it above. It along with the best beer in the world (St Bernardus ABT 12) is always on draught there.

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Not a porter man, but I’ve had that Hop House 13. Not a bad drop, but at $4.49Cdn. (£2.70) per 500ml can, it’s a bit pricy.

Her grandmother decided to Knit together a bonnet and cardigan :joy:


School run today. I’m cropped out as I’m a mess that early in the morning. Instead, here is an A.I. pic:

This is after full time. The little bugger slept the whole 90 and was all smiles as he didn’t know the score:

My boy will bully them c💩ty fans at kindergarten chanting “where were you when you were shit” to their faces.

I’m on an Arsenal recruiting drive here in Atlanta, citing reasons of cheating the system, and, not forgetting, human rights abuses, as a reason to become Gooner rather than a cunt club casual.


Is that Brickstore, Decatur? Great pub, although Dave, the owner, is a sp💩rs fan.

The place is walking distance for me!

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Love that little chap .
Bruised banana is the greatest shirt ever.

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Yes, Brickstore is the real deal. They also own Leon’s (literally around the corner).

Incredible beer selection and really good food. Best fish and chips I’ve ever had. Get the pimento cheese appetizer as well.

My absolute favorite bar/pub–I’m in Dunwoody, about 25 min away by car. I’d be drinking a lot more if I was closer!

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The bar is great. Reminded me of the bars I’ve visited in Belgium or Germany in the past.

My fave on the menu are the fried perogies (I’ve no idea how to spell that).

Looking forward to sitting in the beer garden and sinking a few pilsners once the weather heats up.

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Seafood linguine birthday dinner was smooth.


Dayum homie that looks dank af. Happy birthday my dood looks like u had a good one :heart::heart:

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She’s at the stage where she absolutely loves yanking and scratching my beard, either with her hands or feet, or both as in this pic.

She has her moments, but she really does have a very sunny disposition the vast majority of the time.

Probably the best moment of my whole day is when she wakes up in the morning and gives me the biggest shit eating grin ever when she first sees me.


Cherish these moments Jake. They grow up real fast. Although every stage of their development has it’s own cute, heart melting moments, I feel ages 2 - 6 are just the best so you have a lot to look forward to.

It seems like just yesterday when I posted a pic of my new born son here on OA, the only pic I have ever posted. Today, he’s 12, will turn 13 in a few months, and is already towering over me. Still a kid but can’t quite cuddle with him anymore although I still do now and then :arteta:


Kick him in the dick. Remind him who the man of the house is. Assert dominance.


this ^

explain to him through actions, and this is important, not words, that you hold the power in this house until he is able to take it from you through physical violence.

This is the natural way of things (what the elders of Taoism call “Wu Wei”, often translated as “the path of least resistance”) , and when the day comes and he slides out of the way of your kick and smacks you right in the kisser it will be a beautiful moment the two of you will share, a passing of the torch to the next generation, just like you and your father once did, and he him and his future son one day will.