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My brain immediately read that as “Coronavirus” and I was like wtf. :santi:

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Well you can get Corona beer and it tastes like it’s got a virus


A good guinness is meant to have a creamy head that is meant to follow the drink all the way down and stick to the glass at the end of the pint:

temperature, a clean head, and the level of creaminess (determined somewhat by the amount of the drink that sticks to the glass after each sip. Colloquially known as ‘Shtick’) for a start.

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Its obviously drinkable outside of Ireland but you won’t get a better pint than you do in Ireland. Thats just simple facts.

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Haha literally never heard of that before although I obviously get it.

its weird i thought it was a saying that was a part of loving Guinness over there. I got to know about it from the guinness guru which i occasionally watch on Youtube. He made it sound like the saying was sort of like a part of irish life especially if you loved a pint of guinness.

I don’t disagree but based on a friend that has been to St James Gate and had it at Brickstore Pub there isn’t much of a difference.

Brickstore Pub is one of the best pubs/bars in the US. Great food and an incredible beer selection (and whisky and scotch).

Guinness is served exactly as @Maverick79 described it above. It along with the best beer in the world (St Bernardus ABT 12) is always on draught there.

Not a porter man, but I’ve had that Hop House 13. Not a bad drop, but at $4.49Cdn. (£2.70) per 500ml can, it’s a bit pricy.