Pick your PL Team of The Season


Here is mine


I’d go with most of those players.
The only players I would have picked that aren’t in your team would be Eriksen, Son and Salah.
I know Salah hasn’t repeated his performance from last season but he is still one of their best players.

Eriksen is one of the best players in the PL, in his position, and Son has turned from a bench option to one of spurs best attacking players.

I might also have included Aubameyang instead of Aguero only because I think Aubameyang could do what Aguero has done if he was playing for Man City but I don’t think Aguero would be as effective for us as Aubameyang has.


Dunno why this irks me, and it shouldn’t… But why stick TAA at LB and Robertson at RB? :sob:

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A lot of big team bias there :laughing: I actually think there is a case to be made for Digne and Wan Bissaka to be the full backs


Lol at Alison ahead of Leno.

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Reckon I’ll wait til the season is over

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There’s no place for common sense here


I can never tell which is which tbh :see_no_evil:

Over Robinson?! C’mon @Phoebica lol no chance


If the goalkeeper is at the top of the image, then your left back goes beneath the keeper to the right. If the goalie is on the bottom of the image, the left back goes above him on the left.

Not exactly hard mate lol


Thanks sir.




It’s not that obsurb of an idea. Digne has had a really good season. I know stats don’t tell the full story, but Digne also beats Robertson in pretty much every category. Robertson and TAA are the in things because they play for Liverpool though, so they’ll be picked.

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Or because they’ve both been fantastic all year :man_shrugging:

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Never said they hadn’t been good. Just pointing out there are other players who have a good case to be in that team. I personally think the fact they play for a great Liverpool team will influence some people’s decision.


It did sound that way to me, sort of diminishing their contribution and playing it down to just being part of Liverpool. But fair enough if you didn’t mean it that way.

I haven’t watch Digne a lot but I watched AA and R a lot and they have really been great. 17 assists between them speaks volumes, especially when you consider they are full-backs and Liverpool don’t play with a target man. Both have excellent crossing, AA is great at set-pieces and defensively they also haven’t left much room for criticism.


Such a hipster


Has KDB done enough this season for selection.


Yep. I’m gonna argue about Alisson as well :sweat_smile:

He’s good and obviously has all those clean sheets – but how much of that is down to him and how much is down to VVD? Like, has Alisson saved his team many points this season? He’s made some howlers as well. I always find the goalkeeper position tricky, as the best goalkeepers play for the best teams, but then the keepers at the lower teams are the hardest working e.g. Fabianksi and Foster (pre his blunder v us)