Petr Cech (1)


Man, The cheek.


Good article this


Not gut enuf. Get rid.


I’m with the Germans on this one, Cech almost made one of the goalkeeping howlers of all time and was teased about it in a not overly aggressive way.

Typical defence follows as he turns it (of course) into a debate about “respect”. Lighten up Cech and get over it already


These social media channels are official mouth pieces of a club though. I would think a bit more caution towards a player of another club is in it’s place.


Btw whats so great about Leno’s pass here though?


It was nowhere near going into his own goal



I have a theory Emery is trying to get the squad onside and keep squad cohesion high

I disagree with the approach.


Yeah, I can see him wanting to give Cech the time to fail before installing Leno especially considering he wants him to adapt to playing out from the back.

Don’t agree with it though.


I have a theory that they told Cech he was not going to be benched but Leno was signed to have his replacement in house since this is his last contract year.

You probably disagree with that approach too.


Cech was great against City from a shot stopping point of the view, the issue was obviously playing from the back.

I’d rather have a keeper that can make important saves, even though Leno may be able to do both. I don’t really have an issue with us sticking with Cech in the short term.


If Cech actually wanted to show the shadow of his former self this season that would be great tbh. If he ups his game with a more stable defensive system in place he could be a vital cog to getting back into that top four position.

I just hope the fire he showed last weekend wasn’t a one off.


Would be nonsensical if true. This isn’t a charity where we make a wish for players who can’t cut it at the top level anymore.

Starting to see where @Phoebica was coming from about the whole situation. Play your best and if isn’t the best, why did we sign him for £19m!?


I get it, but so Cech has to learn to play out from the back quickly. I don’t think he can do it though.


Well we just have to hope Cech learns the ability to play out the back quickly…



For the long term. This is Cech’s last season no doubt about it.


I don’t understand this long term angle.

If this is Cech’s last season then why are we bothering to play him whilst he clearly struggles to play out from the back? What benefit does it serve to the team now or in the future even?


If he is to be back up until next year I’d have rather spent the money on a player we’d actually properly utilise and deal with GK next season. It shouldn’t be either or, but it seems we’re pleading poverty at the moment, so if that’s the case I’d rather we used our resources effectively.


Lol. Isn’t Arsenal the class club were things are done with class?

This scenario seems the most likely to me. The logic behind I don’t get either.