Petr Cech (1)


I hope they take him.
All those Chelsea fans laughing at him & us, deserve this.
If there is karma, this will happen.


Petr Cech rapping. Back by popular demand…

“I can’t wait to go fucking home!” :laughing:



He should’ve gone for Ice Cube’s: You Petr Cech yo self, before you wreck yo self


Thought he was a drummer :xhaka:


I’ll ship him out for a couple of millions.

Time to cash in.


Fantastic display today.


He was actually really good against Chelsea. Even saved two penalties, albeit very shit penos.

He won’t be turning any corners as he’s well over the hill, but I hope the new coaches can squeeze any form Cech has left in him.


He was actually, at least from the highlights


We know he is past it, but we want at least to have a reliable back up.


I think Cech will start the season as No. 1. With Leno starting in the cups & europe.


The save from Morata is actually rather good. It’s not well placed but hit hard and mostly the keeper won’t have time to get down quick enough.

He had a great game but I think Leno is bought to play. Maybe Cech will start the season but I have a feeling Leno will take over during the season.


Yeah I won’t be surprised if that’s the case, but given Cech’s form in the last 18 months it’s rather underwhelming if Leno isn’t our no 1.


Aussie we have a new manager. Give everyone a clean slate haha. Only fair


Tbh I think goalkeeper is the least position impacted by a incompetent manager.


Got to say im underwhelmed at the thought of Cech being our number one this season. Wasnt very good last season and keepers dont turn that form round at his age.


More buffoonery from Cech.


Get in the :put_litter_in_its_place:


If Leno isn’t better than Cech it’s truly a baffling signing.


Wasn’t bad at all today. That first goal is absolutely not his fault. His vision is blocked and Sterling is just allowed to run around with nobody closing him down.


Yes he was apart from stopping Augero one on one.

Leno needs to start next week.