Petr Cech (1)


Which is why I would give him a go :slight_smile:


Just few games for us. Not enough to judge him.




I believe there’s a reason why he’s like 26 and has about 50 senior appearances in his career.


Cech was a decent signing when we got him, and his first season was ok but we haven’t had a top quality GK since Seaman and Lehman.
The lack of investment in this position since then has been pathetic, and apart from Cech, who was 10m, the most we have spent on a GK was around 3m.

Every PL winner has had a great GK, including us, so how we have gone for so long with such an obvious disregard for this important position, is another reason why we have rarely challenged for the PL since Lehman left, and also why our defence often looks chaotic.

Unless Leno has been bought to replace Cech, we are stuck with him for yet another season, and will have to rely on Emery to get him to improve his performances.


I know Sky are banter now but still this is too funny even in link form. Cech replacing the guy they replaced him with :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thiccc ! Here you go ladies :heart:


What would he do at Chelsea? They would be crazy to have him as first choice.


Did Unai bring a new gk coach?




Then I am curious to wait and see what he will do with our GKs. There’s a good chance our last defensive coaches and GK coaches etc. were just arse at coaching and the players are actually good enough.


At 36 (I think) I don’t think anything is going to stop Cech’s continued decline.


Gerry Peyton was definitely arse at coaching


Javi Garcia was responsible for making Areola first choice keeper at PSG, with Trapp sitting on the bench. He’s supposedly very good at his job.


Leno for the Golden Glove.

Who’s with me?


Yea. This is really what I meant. And not surprising to see zero response to this point.


Because I have faith in Garcia :slight_smile:


Cech is old. A new GK coach is not gonna improve him.



Have Chelsea seen him play this past season?

Surely he’s the backup option to the other two haha