Petr Cech (1)


Troy Deeney should find his cajones after that because Cech of all people saved his penalty



Petr Cech finally saving a pen from Deeney of all people, that is just fantastic.

Please let Cech get his 200th today :pray:




Finally the 200th clean sheet for Cech!


At long last.

Legend of the Premier League


Fair play to him saving that penalty save for the 200th clean sheet.

Well deserved.




Don’t copy me :xhaka:


:joy: sorry



When it rains, it pours.


That’s the story of the season.


Lovely it was against Deeney cunt. Cojones!


A clean sheet and a penalty save in the same match.

I assume Cech has been called in for a random drug test?


Congratulations big man .
A wonderful achievement.


Sometimes, just sometimes, there is sweet justice in football. Great save on Troy. Couldn’t have scripted a better one for Cech.

Well done!


On BBC 1 right now as a pundit for the Chelsea game


To be honest, I don’t like the system as well.
In the finals you play the players who were the best in the position throughout the season.

Massive props to Cech for being a thorough professional.


At it again. Fucking old git.